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Thread: Parallax: PASM , LCALL, CALL etc.
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Brad Mitchell <TakeThisOuTPICLISTspamspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU> wrote:

> 1.  LCALL in parallax's assembler states that this is only useful
> for the 56 and 57.  I assume that this is because of the the size
> of the 54 eprom, prohibits an 11 bit address.  My question is, is
> it just a mistake in the assembler documentation that says that
> this LCALL and LJMP is only good for the 56 and 57?  I make the
> assumption that it will work for the 58 too with 2k eprom?
> correct?

   Correct, but PASM was written before the 16C58 was introduced.
   Either you have an old version of PASM or (more likely) Parallax
   hasn't updated PASM for years.

> 2. why isn't this instruction available for the new assembler
> pasmx?  Am I missing a common practice that works better?

   No.  If you have the newest version of PASMX and it doesn't
   contain LCALL/LJMP instructions, it probably means that IT hasn't
   been updated in years, either.  On the smaller 16Cxx parts (the
   only ones that were available until a couple of years ago),
   there's no need for LCALL and LJMP instructions, since the entire
   destination address fits in the regular CALL and GOTO opcodes.

   Check out Microchip's own MPASM assembler (available from their
   BBS or Web page); it's a MUCH more serious development tool.


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