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Thread: Parallax: LCALL, Ljmp,pasm,pasmx etc.
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The listserver said this was rejected, why I have no idea...
It said I posted before... hmmmm

        I'm just learning  this stuff, last assembler I used was
on a z80 with my timex sinclair.. before that a pdp-11..

       1.  LCALL in parallax's assembler states that this is only
useful for the 56 and 57.  I assume that this is because of the
the size of the 54 eprom, prohibits an 11 bit address.  My question is, is it
just a mistake in the assembler documentation that says that this LCALL
and LJMP is only good for the 56 and 57?  I make the assumption that
it will work for the 58 too with 2k eprom? correct?

       2. why isn't this instruction available for the new assembler
pasmx?  Am I missing a common practice that works better?

       3. I am just starting to look at the micro chip instruction set,
and wondering how do you get around this with this instruction set.
I'm definitely missing something here.

Brad Mitchell

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/language/index.htm?key=asm
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Subject (change) Parallax: LCALL, Ljmp,pasm,pasmx etc.

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