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Thread: embedded controller handbook
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> >    It is available from Farnell Electronic Components, but it also looks
> > like the '94 version is available by FTP at:
> >
> >  ftp://ftp.ultranet.com/biz/mchip/lit/appnote  as  00092c.pdf (2megs!!)
> >
> >   I used Adobe Acrobat on a Mac to view it. (Sorry - don't know the PC
> > requirements.)
> I tried to view this file with ghostscript, or adobe acroread for sun or
> arcoread for sgi and all failed. The first two agree that there is an
> unknown token -i  (not an i, actually, but an upside down !), while the
> sgi version simply did coredump.
> Can anybody verify that the file on the ftp server is o.k.? I did a
> binary ftp and did it twice already.
I tried this a couple of days ago on my PC with acroread and it worked
ok. the document is 442 pages in only 2.4 Mb not bad!
I have not printed it yet !


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