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Thread: Negative numbers?
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> Here is my problem: How do I check for a <0 (negative) value in a PIC

Simple! Just test bit 7 of the register! But, if you're interested in the
result of a subtract, you might need to look instead at the carry flag.
It all depends on exactly what you're doing.

A useful trick too is that if you want to do a signed comparison, you
have a problem with overflow if you just subtract a constant value
from a signed number, but you can do a signed comparison with an
unsigned subtract if you remap the range of values. IOW if your
byte value is equivalent to -128 through +127, by remapping this
to a range of 0-255 you can use unsigned arithmetic (and just
use the carry and zero flags). Now here's the trick; the
remapping just involves xoring the high bit of each number, so
you do something like:

       movlw   80h
       xorwf   reg,f
       movlw   bound ^ 80h
       subwf   reg,w

Now you can just test carry as a sign bit (but note that it's
inverted! It's not a borrow) and the z flag for equality.

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