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Thread: 512 Kbyte of memory
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On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Tommy Brown wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, PETE KLAMMER said:
> Subject: : 32Kbyte NV FRAMs?
> > > From: Don McKenzie <TakeThisOuTdonmckspam_OUTspam@spam@tbsa.com.au>
> > > Subject: Re: 512 KByte of memory: EASIEST WAY!!!
> > > He said 512 Kilobytes!!
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> > Well, for adequate density/capacity, for one, eh?  Sorry if I got anyone's
> > hopes up.
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> Hi, I have been following your threads on interfacing 512K x 8 memory
> to PICs.
> I have Dallas Semiconductor's 11 page data sheet for their 3 wire to
> bytewide bus interface 1280.ps (370k).
> The chip has the following features:
> etc etc.
> * Tom Brown

I read through your description of this device and it sounds good, but I
didn't notice a dollar sign anywhere. Is it cost effective Tommy?

Also your lead for Gates Engineering in Singapore. Wasn't that 1 off
prices you quoted in a previous message. They didn't quite understand
where I was coming from. They work in 1000 off pcs. and $2000US minimum

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