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Thread: Video grabber
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Mark G. Forbes <EraseMEforbesmspamPEAK.ORG> wrote:

>Plans and schematics are all very nice, but I needed a
>solution immediately, so I just bought one.

There are definitely two types of people with an interest in this project,
those who would consider it complete when they could say "Wow, I built a
frame grabber" and those who would buy a frame grabber and say "Wow, I used
my frame grabber to digitize pictures of my friends and morph them".  And
each group is going to look at the other and think that what they are doing
is silly and pointless, although both groups are engaging in a creative and
justifiable activity.  Mark's observation and recommendation that a useable
product is already available at low cost is relevant and useful.  But the
original poster did say he wanted to "design" one, and didn't say that he
considered it just a tedious intermediate step in the process of eventually
using it.

[Testimonial from satisfied user of low-cost commercial frame grabber snipped]


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