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Thread: L.O.S.A Contribution Form
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List Of Stamp Applications (L.O.S.A for short)

If you have done something with the BASIC Stamp (big or small)
that you are willing to tell others please use the form below and
write a short description, nothing fancy is needed just a simple
explanation. If you have source code to share that's even better but
it's not necessary.

Then e-mail the form to:


With the following as the subject:

    L.O.S.A Contribution

Or you could point your Web-browser to the following URL and fill in
the L.O.S.A form on the Web-page...


The latest version of L.O.S.A is going to be posted to the following
mailing lists and news groups, I will update it approx. once a month.

Mailing lists:

BASIC Stamp Mailing List

Mews groups:


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                   - L.O.S.A Contribution Form -
New Contribution [ ]  Update [ ]
Title :
Author:                                       Date:
E-mail: (optional)
Stamp model   : BASIC Stamp/BS1-IC/BS2-IC
Code available: YES/NO
Filename      : (optional)
URL           : (optional)
Description   : (5-50 rows describing your application)


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If you think something are missing in the "L.O.S.A Contribution Form"
please let me know and I will add it.

PS! If there is interest I will send the compiled L.O.S.A List to
   this mailing list on regular basis, please let me know.



See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=losa+contribution
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