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Thread: PIC Postscript Application notes
face BY : Tommy Brown email (remove spam text)

Hi, when I started looking on the net, for info on PICs, I found that most
app notes were in either .ps or .pdf file format.  I read, in piclist digest,
that Marami, was asking question on how to read ANXXX.PS (Postscript files).
I have tried to send this info to him directly, but his e-mail address is
not correct and keeps getting bounced back.

Since this info is relevant to PIC data sheets, I am posting this to piclist.

The easiest way to get viewer/printer for PIC anxxx.ps files, is to retrieve
Aladdin Ghostscript, and Ghostview.  These allow you to print the files using
a non postcript printer.  You must have ghostscript to run ghostview, be
prepared for a lot of files!  (divide 64k into 3500k to get some idea of how
much E-Mail you will get)

You can send commands to ftpmailspamBeGonespamftp.sunet.se, which is closer to people
overseas than the US ftpmail locations, and a lot less traffic.

That is how I retrieved my ghostscript and ghostview.  The ftpmail server
will get any ftp file, uuencode and send to you as 64k e-mail sections!

If you have problems send email to TakeThisOuTftpmailspamBeGonespamEraseMEftp.sunet.se, and in body of
message "help", the ftpmail server will send you info back on proper usage.
Example as follows will retrieve all files needed to run ghostscript and
ghostview on MS-WINDOWS 16 bit system:
reply-to spamusernameEraseMEspamspam_OUTserver.domain.name.
open ftp.cs.wisc.edu
cd ghost/aladdin
get gs333ini.zip
get gs333win.zip
get gs333fn1.zip
cd ghost/rjl
get gsview13.zip
If you want files for win32, change the "get gs333win.zip to "get gs333w32.zip"
If you want files for ms-dos, change the "get gs333win.zip to "get gs333dos.zip"
If you want files for os/2, change the "get gs333win.zip to "get gs333os2.zip"

If you have non-msdos computer such as MAC/SUN use the base address:


Look for read.me files which tell you where those particular ghostscript files
are located.

* Tom Brown
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=pic
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