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> Incidentally, I was talking with a senior FAE from National
> a couple days ago, and he was bemoaning the advent of the
> PIC, and the correspondent demise of the COP800 and its
> relatives. Back in '83, they had a chance to take over the
> world (like Microchip is doing now) and they blew it. Related
> funny; I just got my latest Circuit Cellar Ink, and there in
> the middle of a nice summary article on the PICs is a big ad
> from National promoting the COP processor as a great solution
> to all your problems. Not that it's a bad part, but the
> juxtaposition struck me as funny.
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> Mark G. Forbes
> "Never ascribe to malice that which can be blamed on the engineer."
I think Motorola did the same thing when they brought out their
HC705 parts but they turned out to be made from unobtainium.
We were debuting a new product, a control board, and because of
supply problems with National and then Motorola, we wrote code for
three different platforms in three months -- National, then Motorola,
then Microchip.

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