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Thread: Real Time Clocks
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On Nov 30, mike wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a cheap real time clock.  I'm looking for the
>basic time/date keeping functions, I have a power budget of a couple
>milliamps, and dollar budget of <$5   I could just implement it
>into the pic, but that's not going to be practical in this case
>unless I can't find an RTC to meet my needs.  Seems like there
>should be dozens to choose from that meet those requirements, but in
>my first effort search, I'm having almost no luck at all.

Just try PHILIPS Semiconductor PCF8583 it's also a real time clock as DALLAS
DS1202 with I2C interface, 8-pin dip with real time clock (secs, mins,
hours, day of month, month, day of week, and year with leap year
compensation) and
256 bytes of static ram and also alarm. I already wrote I2C routine for PIC.

As I'm reading the data sheet,
  Current comsumption:   200uA MAX (operating mode)
                          50uA MAX at 5V (clock mode)
  Supply voltage:        2,5V to 6V (I2C bus active)
                         1,0 to 6V  (I2C bus inactive)

US price: don't know ...
PHILIPS US Contact: Phone 800 234-7381
                   Fax   708 296-8556

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/timers.htm?key=real+time
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