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Thread: Video grabber
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Plans and schematics are all very nice, but I needed a
solution immediately, so I just bought one.

Snappy video frame grabber, by Play, Inc. Comes with
Fauve Matisse image editor and Gryphon Morph software
for morphing and image processing. Cost: $199, mail order,
from Mobile Planet (http://www.mplanet.com). Works great, and
produces really stunning images. It'll grab moving
video, but can do better given a static image to chew on
for a while. Color, high res, saves to any format I've
ever heard of, video pass through, plugs into the parallel
port, easy software install under Windows 3.1 or W95, and
I had images on the screen in five minutes after opening
the box.

If I conservatively value my time at $20/hr, I couldn't
build anything nearly as nice in 10 hours. Probably not
even in 100 hours....you know what it's like to try to
handwire a 0.5 micron CMOS ASIC? :-) :-)

The nice thing about this is that it's easy to unplug
and move to another machine. I loaned it to one of the
other guys at work over the weekend to take to the family
reunion. I hear it was a big success, with people wanting
to morph each other and make silly composite pictures.

I'll stick to putting PICs in place where they make sense,
and leave the video stuff to experts.

Incidentally, I was talking with a senior FAE from National
a couple days ago, and he was bemoaning the advent of the
PIC, and the correspondent demise of the COP800 and its
relatives. Back in '83, they had a chance to take over the
world (like Microchip is doing now) and they blew it. Related
funny; I just got my latest Circuit Cellar Ink, and there in
the middle of a nice summary article on the PICs is a big ad
from National promoting the COP processor as a great solution
to all your problems. Not that it's a bad part, but the
juxtaposition struck me as funny.
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