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Thread: Video Frame Grabber
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> > > Has anyone seen an inexpensive design for a frame grabber? I need to
> > > one for BW video camera use (RS170 base band video).
> >
> > I doubt you are going to make it with a PIC. Much easier if you have a
> > cheap DSP, such as some members of the 21xx family.
> Although, if you look way back in some issues of Byte Magazine...
> Ciarcia did a thing he called ImageWise which was a frame-grabber
> based on an 8031 running at 11+ MHz.  It was able to grab the frame
> in one frame time and then crank it out a serial port at 57.6Kbaud.

how much external logic ? With a 21xx you can even do the refresh of
your DRAM in software, and you only need the DSP, the flash ADC, RAM,
EPROM, and *maybe* a single PAL or a few gates to generate the
chipselect for the various devices. With a PIC or other
microcontroller, I guess you can save the ROM, but not the RAM, but the
sampling/address generation is probably going to be controlled by
external circuitry.

Anyways, I'd like a few more details about the circuit you mention.

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