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Thread: PIC Development Tools
face BY : Joel Carvajal email (remove spam text)

Somewhere I read there is a new list for PIC Development Tools.  Please
count me in.

About the Development Tool someone is asking for, I just want to know:

       Do you need to evaluate programs in real-time?

If not, maybe we could design an In-Circuit Simulator.  Here's how it works:

       Code Simulation is on PC.  A circuit containing any microcontroller
       connects to a target board for the PIC.  The I/O lines of the PIC is
       simulated by the microcontroller.  Any instruction causing an I/O
       access will be relayed to the microcontroller by the PC through
       RS232.  The result is non-real time I/O access.

       The microcontroller can do the programming as well.

Sorry I cannot explain the concept fully or clearly.  I'm in a rush so
I'll discuss it more next time -- if anyone is interested please let me

I've designed In-Circuit Emulator for the 68HC11 as a hobby (for work, I
do 32 and 64) maybe I could help out design a low-cost In-Circuit Emulator
for the PIC.

Joel Carvajal

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=pic
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