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Thread: Anyone know a source for stepper motors?
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       I'm interested in using a PIC to control a stepper motor.  The best
documentation I've found is a Parallax BASIC Stamp app. note that talks
about interfacing a Stamp to a stepper (and since the stamp is really just a
PIC in disguise, I figure its close enough).  Anyway, in that app note the
writer has used an "Airpax" stepper, which I cannot locate..  Digikey only
sells one kind of stepper, and these do not meet my specs.  So I was
wondering if anyone knows where I might find a wider array of steppers? (I
am also sort of hoping that someone from Parallax who reads this list will
know where the author of Stamp app. note number 6 got his motor and will
tell me.)

Thanks for any info.

Mike Goelzer

seeking: io motors motor

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/steppers.htm?key=stepper
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