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Thread: limits 16c84 ? Measure the 'age' of the chip?
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>>Are the some limits on how many times you can prgaming a 16c84??
>>I have some problems wit some chips(I can use them,but not enabel to
>>progaming them)
>>Arne - norway

The data book, pg 2-585 specs 100 minimum and 1000 typical, with PRELIMINARY
stamped across it. Myself and others have burned C84's over 100 times with
no problems (yet).

I wonder what will happen when it gets near the end? If the programming
method specs testing and re-burning cells, maybe software could count the
number of times required to burn a cell, and give some type of indication
how much 'life' (charge carriers in the FAMOS or whatever) is left.
Something for those writing programming software to keep in mind.

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=16C
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Subject (change) limits 16c84 ? Measure the 'age' of the chip?

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