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Thread: PIC16C5X Lowest frequency you can operate it?
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>     I am trying to avoid the sleep mode on the PIC16C5X
>to avoid extra external harware and the 18ms wake up period.
>(In my design it causes a problem). I decided to use a two
>speed RC oscillator. How low of a frequency can I operate the
>PIC to simulate a sleep mode? Can I operate down to 1KHz with
>3V for example to achieve comparable power reduction to sleep
>mode? I would appreciate some advice. Thanks
>     Neil Gandler
Old, gluttonous NMOS processors had internal coupling caps that prevented
slow clock speeds. CMOS processors, like PIC's can be clocked (or not
clocked, rather) as slow as you can push a single-step/4 button. I remember
hearing that driving the clock in the RC mode can result in high power
consumption due to the nature of the RC oscillator, so it may matter if you
push or pull on the clock pin when 'asleep' and what value resistance is
used. Watch those unused inputs, they suck when they toggle - and can sense
your presense (your 60Hz aura).

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=16C
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