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Thread: Sensing RC receiver impulses
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William D. McMillan wrote:
>I'd be interested.  What formats are the documents in?

Did I miss something here ? After my original REQUEST FOR code I only got
William's response. Did someone else respond with a message saying that he
actually HAS code? Please enlighten me on that matter. (William ?) :-)

BTW I solved the BUZ11 (with 'A'-mark) problem...
To make a long story short - They ARE BUZ11s <hurray>

(the 'a bit longer' story... ;-)
One might be suprised what hobbyists have in their most hidden drawers.
I remembered that I build a constant current regulator (from a printed article)
and actually found it in it's hidding place :-)
So I but the current regulator in between a strong power source and the drain
of the BUZ11. After applying the sufficient ON-voltage at the BUZ's gate I
set the regulator to 1 Amp. and measured the voltage between Drain and Source...
35 mV -> 35 mOhm (plus 10% error with my DMV make less than 40 mOhm)
=> BUZ11 specs
(First I measured the voltage with about 2 cm of wire in between, only got
72 mV, my... what 2 cm can do to measurment :-[ )

Bye for now...
Have a nice weekend :-)
I'm going to bug my RC receiver to determine if I can't decode some pulses...

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