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Thread: Sensing RC receiver impulses & PWM motor control
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>What kind of RC model needs 50 or 100 Amps of current?  Even at 9-volts thats
>into the horsepower range!!!

The Kalt Whisper electric RC helicopter takes around 35 Amps (average), at
9.6 volts. It only flies for 6 minutes. People I've talked with say
performance just isn't comparable to gas motors. Maybe soon Zinc-air or some
other fuel-cell technology will make electric airplanes and helicopters a
bit more practical. The speed controller in the helicopter ad has 8 TO-220
power FET tabs protruding from its case.

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/motors.htm?key=motor
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Subject (change) Sensing RC receiver impulses & PWM motor control

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