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Thread: Embedded Control Handbook
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At 18.25 1995-11-06 -0500, Mike wrote:

>        I'm just a PIC hobbyist, but its clear that I need to get my hands on a
>copy of the Embedded Control Handbook.  How much is it? And who should
>I order from? (i.e. directly from Microchip or from a 3rd party vendor?)

In the ECH there are a lot of ready to run examples but I have only used the
principles and maybe some smart written code like math routines.

I think it's much better to learn all! the OP-codes and read the chapter
associated with that particular uC in the uC-Handbook, you will then learn
the basics - and that's important. After that you can turn to the ECH for
advice on certain topics.

I don't say you need the ECH but it's ONE good source if you need advice
(another is this list and another is all the app-notes, although these
app-notes can be found in the ECH. The third source is the PIC-FAQ and the
fourth, all PIC-sites on the Internet with links, examples, development
tools ...).

Hmm, what am I talking about? this should be quite clear to everybody, right?

-- Conny

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=embedded+control
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