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Thread: 16C84 data eeprom and picstart16 help needed
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At 14.32 1995-11-06 +0100, Jan Henrik Kraagtorp wrote:

>Hello. I'm having just the same problem as you. I have the
>picstart16b1 and I need software which is compatible with the
>hardware from picstart16b1 and this software must be able to write to
>the eeprom memory on the pic16c84 chip. If you get the solution to

I also has the picstart16b1 and I asked Memec Scandinavia (the distributor
in Sweden) about this six months ago. The only answer was that it was not
possible ... One solution however is to create a program that takes input
via RS232 and writes all eeprom locations in the 84. Of course you need another
"programmer" to accomplish this.

-- Conny

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/memory.htm?key=data
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