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Thread: Why not EEPROM PICs? (Was: Bulk Buy of 16C84)
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> >      Everyone out there really needs to talk to a guy in Taiwan who will
> >      give his mother and his left nut for a micro that costs 10 cents less.
> >      The real world can be a scary place!
> What is the E-mail address of this guy in Taiwan, I can't get constant
> prices or supplies in Australia, and MicroChip offer no alternatives for
> me.

I'm not trying to single out anyone in particular but I'm curious to know
whether the people who complain so much about price, etc. sell their own
products, services, labor at bargain basement prices just because the
people who buy from them don't want to pay very much?

When you see low prices like Mot 6805J1A's for <$2 you have to remember
that they're on allocation half the time, they're more difficult to buy
in one's and tens, etc. Considering the overhead involved I doubt if any
manufacturer of mcu's would be in business on the money they make (lose?)
selling one or two pieces to an individual.

I'm not affiliated with Microchip. They're just one of the many suppliers
I deal with in an effort to earn a living for my family.

Tim McDonough

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Subject (change) Why not EEPROM PICs? (Was: Bulk Buy of 16C84)

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