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[EE] low-current meter + batt voltage data acquisi  30th 1
[EE] Old but New Battery for reproduction "Spy" Ra  30th 1
[EE] Removing offset voltage for ADC  23th 1
[EE] Stepper motor noise and weird current wavefor  21th 1
[EE] Where to get 5V 4A+ wall wart?  21th 1
[OT] Helpful Agents  28th 1, 17
[OT] Laser-cutting. Was: RE: [OT]:: How can I most  23th 1
[OT] Obsession with Hebrew  27th 1
[OT] Robert Pease 1940-2011  20th 1
[OT]: Wind turbines, was How can I most easily cut  24th 1
[OT]:: How can I most easily cut a Coke can into t  21th 1 22th 56, 69 28th 462
[PIC] C issue  6th 1
[PIC] Masters?  24th 1
[PIC] Slow PWM  22th 1
Need help specifying TO-220 insulated MOSFET  2nd 1

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