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[EE] bipolar digital pot  8th 1 9th 44 12th 210
[EE] CD4052 Question  3rd 1
[EE] CNC mills,drills Software etc.  27th 1
[EE] CompactFlash prototype (board+case)  5th 1, 2
[EE] Could anyone tell me how to calculate Mosfet  8th 1
[EE] electronic bench design for beginners and int  2nd 1 3rd 136
[EE] Hobbyist battery SMPS circuit  9th 1
[EE] Roman Black is allive and is designing clocks  25th 1
[EE] Tags such as this one irrelevant?  24th 1
[EE]: opinion on Willem programmer?  7th 1 9th 171
[EE]A new multi channel sensor face IC  25th 1
[OT] Legally stealing my data?  2nd 1
[PIC] CCP1 Glitches in noisy environment (RC Tx)  12th 1 13th 51
[PIC] Low cost temperature sensing  21th 1
ADC causing glitches?  21th 1

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