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[BUY] 12V power supplies with 2.5 mm plugs/ (-) ce  21th 1
[BUY] web site graphics work  13th 1
[EE] Engineering salaries -- survey  9th 1 11th 133
[EE] Graphic LCD, Whats the best (easiest) to use  24th 1
[EE] Home automation controls (was Networking with  30th 1
[EE] Is vi worth learning?  28th 1 29th 147
[EE] Networking with engineers (was Re: Schematic  30th 1
[EE] PC Parallel port access using basic under Xp  19th 1 20th 126
[EE] Phone interface for PIC  18th 1
[EE] what could be a good FPGA evaluation kit  28th 1
[EE]: Watchdog IC  17th 1 18th 70
[OT] About writing tests for employment interviews  15th 1
[OT] Engineering salaries -- survey  10th 1
[OT] Linux for rescuing dumped computers?  30th 1
[OT] Microsoft Office versus Free Alternatives  20th 1
[OT] Open does not sell??  11th 1
[OT] Rescuing dumped computers with DOS?  30th 1, 27
[OT] Survey what OS?  12th 1
[OT]:: Today in history  9th 1
[PIC] 18F4525 - data ram bank access, config varia  6th 1
[PIC] Beginner Assembly Parity Generation Project  24th 1
[PIC] Drive 1024 relais using 13 (thirteen) PIC18F  20th 1
[PIC] Idea for a simple product: Virtual USB drive  20th 1 21th 46, 47
[PIC] PIC16C745 USB firmware  8th 1, 4
[PIC] pickit2 vs icd2  29th 1 30th 39
[PIC] Saving interrupt registers during a ISR  30th 1, 74
[PIC] Unused inputs left to float - was PIC looses  17th 1
[PIC] USB cable detect (was USB PIC related Links)  2nd 1
[PIC]: Implementing FSK in a dsPIC  16th 1
AW: [PIC]: RS232 to 5V interface without supply vo  16th 1
Digital audio switcher project?  5th 1
MCP4822 DAC Question  19th 1
PS2 Keyboard log to serial  19th 1
test  23th 1, 5 24th 39, 44, 52

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