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[EE] Big holes in PCB causing emission problems?  6th 1
[EE] Bray's terminal emulator with USB-Serial cabl  5th 1
[EE] Chopper in front of LDO?  24th 1
[EE] Engineering Books To Keep in a Small Company  16th 1
[EE] Ever feel like this?  22th 1, 31
[EE] virtual ground or regulator  17th 1
[EE] was Magnetic driveway monitor - now car alarm  17th 1
[EE] Winding transformers  11th 1
[EE] Wire strippers for RG-188 coax  23th 1 24th 129
[EE]: Mouser preferred  15th 1
[EE]: Replacement for Intersil ICL8038  6th 1 9th 328
[EE]: Small reflow ovens -- source  4th 1, 55
[EE]:: Boost converter challenge.  12th 1
[EE]:: reference designator "IP" on strange compo  12th 1
[EE]:: References sought for Russell McMahon :-)  8th 1, 17
[EE]:: Tektronix to be bought out  16th 1
[OT] Non-degree holders as an engineer  12th 1
[OT] random numbers  6th 1
[OT] SoCal is burning... again...  23th 1
[OT]:: Ecological footprint quiz  10th 1
[PIC] RF Transceivers.  25th 1

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