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[SX] A few melted trace problems  21th 1
[SX] Custom Molded Plastic Covers  27th 1
[SX] Easiest way to get serial in  6th 1, 37 14th 569
[SX] How does one read a crystal ball  29th 1
[SX] Max Baud Rate for Serout  6th 1 7th 39
[SX] Oscillators/Resonators, not all the same....  29th 1
[SX] RAM IC for SX28  24th 1
[SX] SX18 Questions  8th 1
[SX] SX48 Proto Board for Robotics  31th 1
[SX] SX-52 Demo Board for the Toddler  21th 1, 13 22th 139
[SX] SX52 Proto Board problems  26th 1 27th 114
[SX] SX52 Protoboard and NO money for headers!  19th 1

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