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[EE:] Diode voltage drop...  6th 1
[EE:] Get the lead out  3rd 1
[EE:] PC as a signal generator?  3rd 1
[EE:] Uart Conundrum  3rd 1
[EE] capacitor types  27th 1
[OT:] Workspace organization  20th 1
[OT] Yes, I canned Olin again  19th 1
[PIC:] New to Pics and PICList...Advice Please  1st 1
[PIC]: dsPIC support on DIY programmers?  19th 1
[PIC]: Piclist Archive on CD  29th 1
[PIC]: Touch sensitive switches?  7th 1
18F6621 Timer4  7th 1

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