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[AVR:] ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested peop  1st 1
[EE:] Display circuit sanity check  19th 1
[EE:] Regulator  7th 1
[EE:] SMT soldering with hot-air penns ?  4th 1
[EE]: ATX power on?  14th 1
[EE]: Making linear position sensors  21th 1
[OT:] Death of the solitary inventor?  2nd 1
[OT:] Happy Canada Day PIClist hosers  1st 1
[OT:] PIClisters/Apartments in Vancouver  23th 1
[OT:] The speed of light has been varying again -  1st 1, 2
[OT]: Wireless mesh networking  30th 1
hobbist / novice ********thanks for all the reply'  21th 1

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