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[EE:] Analog switches  23th 1
[EE:] HD Encryption?  5th 1, 12
[EE:] Power Supplies  22th 1
[EE:] sine wave generator  22th 1
[EE:] Voltage regulator for 3V - 30V input to 3V o  28th 1 30th 225
[EE]: Drive bicolor LED w/ one output pin  22th 1
[EE]: connecting a Garmin GPS 16A to a PC serial p  14th 1
[EE]: DMM reccomendation?  19th 1, 21 22th 330
[EE]: Why isn't Ohm's Law written I=V/R?  16th 1, 17, 19, 20, 29
[OT:] Hot glue okay on circuit boards?  29th 1
[OT:] Pocket PC and DOS programs  19th 1
[OT]: scanning laser projector  30th 1
[OT]:Responding to Students Asking for Homework So  23th 1
[PIC/AVR] PIC vs AVR (ATMEL)  16th 1
[PIC:] PIC/AVR PIC vs AVR (ATMEL)  16th 1
[PIC:] Slow PWM signal in hardware  22th 1 23th 102
[PIC:] 12F675 strange behaviour  23th 1
[Pic:] 12F675 strange behaviour  23th 1
[PIC:] 18F452 / 18LF452  13th 1, 4
[PIC:] GNU C Compiler  15th 1
[PIC:] How fast can the B0 interupt occur  22th 1
[PIC:] I2C & SPI on the same PIC...  15th 1
[PIC:] Microchip C18, or HI-TECH PICC18?  2nd 1
[PIC:] Moving around in MPLAB  19th 1
[PIC:] New PICs on the horizon  1st 1
[PIC:] Problems with MPLAB V6.5 & Bytecraft MPC V1  27th 1
[PIC:] Sorting through millions of numbers  27th 1
[PIC] using serial port connected to PIC to contro  20th 1
[PIC]: ADC configured as digital IO  5th 1
[PIC]: UL Approval of products with PIC's  22th 1
] Alternate serial port?  15th 1
] Pocket PC and DOS programs  19th 1
]TTL to/ From rs232 for 16F628 circuit  16th 1
Drive bicolor LED w/ one output pin  23th 1

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