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[EE:] 2km UHF transponder ideas  11th 1
[EE:] IR modulator schematic?  20th 1
[EE:] Long term study suggests no cellphone-cancer  31th 1
[EE:] Quantum entanglement to improve accuracy of  24th 1
[EE:] Remote Engine Starting, WAS:Vehicular remote  1st 1
[EE:] Spread spectrum modules  13th 1
[EE:] USB cable length  9th 1, 14 10th 39
[EE:] USB cable length. A bluetooth solution...  12th 1
[EE:] USB cable length. Evolution  9th 1
[EE:] USB cable length. Evolution. Lack of testing  9th 1 10th 15 11th 122
[EE:] USB cable length. Evolution-Solution  9th 1
[EE:] USB cable length. Why we stretch it.  10th 1, 13, 18, 20
[EE:] USB cable length. Winblows stability...  10th 1
[EE:] USB Evolution. Lack of quality control  10th 1
[EE:] Vehicular remote starting (was: [EE]: Intere  1st 1
[EE:]Analog Opto-isolation?  1st 1
[EE]: Challenge for keen minds  30th 1 31th 69
[EE]: Flash memory & Spirt  25th 1
[EE]: Solid State Relay and PWM  10th 1
[OT: ] Securing a steel pin in brass  24th 1
[OT:] C-Band Satellite Receivers  28th 1, 4927
[OT:] On Capitalism, freedom & democracy  28th 1 29th -492
[OT:] Opportunity rover - Neat RF stuff during lan  25th 1
[OT:] PicList "Effect"? (was: Strangely addictive  24th 1
[OT]: Laser question  18th 1
[OT]: Beagle2  26th 1, 40
[OT]: Beagle2 Hohmann  27th 1
[OT]: Beagle2. Transfer orbits  27th 1
[OT]: Flash memory & Spirt  25th 1
[OT]: Flash memory & Spirt. Ceitgeist  27th 1
[OT]: Flash memory & Spirt. Man vs Machine  25th 1 26th 29
[OT]: Flash memory & Spirt. Man vs Machine. Life g  26th 1
[OT]: Low Power System Design  18th 1 19th 102, 117
[OT]: Re: Horowitz & Hill Book  18th 1, 30
[OT]: Re: Horowitz... No more local E-store.  20th 1
[OT]: Re: Horowitz... On-the-fly design  19th 1 27th 971
[PIC:] Cameras to use with a PIC.  31th 1
[PIC:] Disassemblers KISS  29th 1
[PIC:] Disassemblers KISS or not  29th 1
[PIC:] dsPIC release  16th 1
[PIC:] multiple SPI slaves? One more for the 'GOTC  25th 1
[PIC:] Pic as an i2c slave. Debug bits  6th 1
[PIC:] Read/Modify/Write vs. Direct manipulation.  30th 1

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