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[EE]: Building full-duplex bike-bike communication  18th 1
[EE]: Cheapskate network cabling  2nd 1
[EE]: Divide by 3 - yet another cheapo design chal  29th 1
[EE]: Dual Voltage help  29th 1
[EE]: General catalogue recomendation  29th 1
[EE]: Halagon lamps - preventing contact corrosion  30th 1
[EE]: Laipac RF modules  24th 1
[EE]: low current operation and switching a chip o  18th 1
[EE]: Passive Cell Phone Repeater  14th 1 15th 57
[EE]: Source of cheap "modem on chip".  9th 1
[EE]: two 8 bit DAC to make 16 bit?  8th 1 9th 76
[EE]: USB programmer  24th 1
[EE]: Using a Triac to control Fan Speed  20th 1
[EE]: Voltage Compare  22th 1
[EE]: What's the cheapest GPS Receiver  17th 1
[EE]:formula/link for current capacity of wire (AC  29th 1 30th 47, 80
[EE]:Vbasic  29th 1, 80
[OT]: Win98 questions  24th 1
[OT]: Beware of "Netzany"! revisited  15th 1
[OT]: Interesting app of a microprocessor  22th 1
[OT]: Packard Bell iconnect, what type sound chip  21th 1
[OT]: Sea Salt?  7th 1
[OT]: To poll or not to poll: that is the question  31th 1
[OT]: What good is a microwave?  23th 1
[PIC]: Analog input clamp voltage  30th 1
[PIC]: Data Encryption Using PIC16F84  13th 1 17th -373
[PIC]: Interrupts  29th 1
[PIC]: Kindergarten Play Structures  14th 1
[PIC]: SUBLW  15th 1
[PIC]:El Cheapo fails with Ledon + 16F84  14th 1
[PIC]:Powering the 16F877 with a 3.5 V, no quartz  29th 1
[PICLIST] Powering PIC from a AA type battery, hel  28th 1

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