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[OT] 32-bit Serial-Input Confusion  3rd 1
[OT] Ah yes those were the days (but this is now).  19th 1 24th 524
[OT] Alternative Parts and really,  12th 1, 13
[OT] External Printer Buffer ...  28th 1
[OT] LG Electronics GP40M Handheld PC  25th 1
[OT] New Stupid PIC Trick  5th 1
[OT] Personal Optical Resolution  3rd 1, 3
[OT] Slightly: Schematic needed for an LM211 LCD  14th 1
ADC0804LCN sampling freq  28th 1
OT'ish: IR LED Comms  26th 1
RS232 / Comm problem with PIC16F877  19th 1, 44
Rules for using Carry and Zero flags don't work wi  19th 1
Syntax Highlighting in MPLAB  14th 1
Todd Peterson's Apology [OT]  20th 1

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