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[OT] Translator required (Argentina) (informes)  15th 1
16C71 flash replacement?  20th 1
2000 instructions a sec??  15th 1
acceptable resonators for PIC MCUs  22th 1
Better/Cheaper ICD coming?  13th 1
Better/Cheaper ICD coming? (Plus Update)  15th 1
Checksum problem  30th 1
Code won't assemble  14th 1
I *knew* this would heppen...! Free ICD?  15th 1, 4
Linux parallel prog. SW?  24th 1
MPLAB-compatible Tait programmer (was: Re:Better/C  15th 1
MPLAB-ICD firmware version 2.04  15th 1
Overwriting previous address  15th 1
PICs and serial communications...  24th 1
picstart+, Mplab selective address programming?  10th 1 21th 1427
problems with bcf operations on W register.  9th 1
Reversing the order of bits in a register.  19th 1
Unerasable Code protection update  12th 1
Unprotecting a flash part  9th 1
Wanted: Microchip's "The truth about AVR"  26th 1
Why brown part-numbers?  15th 1

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