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[OT] 7 segment multiplexed digits  6th 1
[OT] Filter calculations  13th 1
16 bit PIC math question on subtracting  7th 1 8th 32, 38
Caller ID Link for whoever wanted info on it  1st 1
Crystals and microcontrollers  27th 1
Does 16F877 A/D code work directly in 16F876?  1st 1
Finally 16F876 A/D works But now I have a question  2nd 1
First Project with PIC16F87x doesn't work  8th 1
General calculation type question  3rd 1
General question about PIC assembler programming m  1st 1
Got 16F876 A/D working...sort of....BUT.....  1st 1
Pic A/D sampling a biased sine wave  18th 1, 20
PICStart Plus Problem (Power supply?)  20th 1
Somewhat of an MPlab question  14th 1, 17
Using more than one A/D channel on 16F87x  2nd 1, 14 3rd 23

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