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"Position Desired" On my Resume  13th 1
[APOLOGY] RE: Please spare a minute to read this m  19th 1
[OT] Cheap microcontroller <$0.50USD?  12th 1
[OT] Ground SpeedOmeter  22th 1, 11
[OT] some useful stuff for coding on small micros  30th 1
dataraseII w/timer?  29th 1
FETs in OZ, was Re: Driving Relay  19th 1
FET's in OZ, was RE: driving relay  24th 1
i2c help please  11th 1
Light sensor (somewhat [OT])  30th 1
MPLAB help - stimulation with delay loops  24th 1
My first PIC experience  19th 1
Op Amp recommendatiuon sought  18th 1, 4 19th 95
Please spare a minute to read this mail. Thankyou.  19th 1
Subject: Keeping pipes from freezing  11th 1
TCP/IP, smallest server, blah blah  11th 1 12th 60
Windspeed circuit?  18th 1 19th 83, 84

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