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[OT] conductive coating for rubber membrane keypad  25th 1
[OT] Fuzzy Logic temperature sensor  17th 1
[OT] Fuzzy Logic temperature sensor...Opps  17th 1
[OT] Re: 220volt lamp matrix...Oops  9th 1
[OT] speech recognition  21th 1
[OT] step-up voltage converter for battery powered  18th 1
[OT]Re: Documentation- was How to write bad code  16th 1
16C63 - 16C63A ???  17th 1
220volt lamp matrix  9th 1
Car battery power help  4th 1
Circuit problem [OT]  7th 1
Discharging a 48V accu with the PIC  2nd 1
Fuzzy Logic temperature sensor  16th 1
How to make high side switch  14th 1
MPLAB- ICE 2000  24th 1
Overclocking PICs  25th 1
power transistor  10th 1
PWM background  17th 1
REPHRASED--In which PICs is the copy protection mo  24th 1
Suggestions for a Voltage controlled amplifier of  8th 1
way[OT]Re: Order Experiece- Order will be shipped  10th 1

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