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[OT] Germanium transistors  1st 1
[OT] Mic to MT8870 in  13th 1
[OT] Re: How to write bad code - was C vs. ASM  17th 1
12c508 problems  18th 1
12V programming doesn't stops PIC???  8th 1
16f877 parallel programer problem  30th 1
An old question revisited.  12th 1
can you tell me where can get the PIC:DES programm  18th 1
Low freq. Intro into CTCSS [OT] and LONG  8th 1
OE5  8th 1
PIC16C505 weird programming problem  24th 1
Polarity inversion protection  9th 1
Power Factor Correction[OT]  22th 1
Problems with custom made programmer  23th 1
PWM background  18th 1
RTC recommendations  18th 1
Strange PIC 16F84 I/O problem...  30th 1

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