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[Admin] PICList content not as bad as it appears -  12th 1
[OT] EMC/EMI/ C tick for low volume Pic projects  3rd 1 4th 52
[OT] Emissions from Cell phones and Gasoline pumps  9th 1
[OT] Interfacing a synchro to a PIC  2nd 1
0-1v analog output  12th 1
2-phase / Quadrature Rotary encoder  5th 1 6th 26
A/D on the 14000  21th 1 22th 78
AC fan speed control ideas  1st 1
All Electronics  20th 1
From Engine to Caboose, What's in the train?  12th 1, 53
MAX110 AD problems. Help please!  11th 1
More on (ab)use of PIC protection diodes & bad des  11th 1
more on protection diodes - what about line transi  9th 1
Need ICD feedback  29th 1
Nested Interrupt questions  12th 1, 3
NOT OFF TOPIC: List usage etc, another idea  9th 1 10th 35
PICs: Good Design More on (ab)use of PIC protectio  11th 1
Please add http:// [OT]  21th 1 22th 89
Please add http:// [OT] + datetime standard  21th 1
Quadrature incremental pot decoding on PIC  3rd 1
Quardature incremental pot decoding on PIC16C54  1st 1 2nd 15
Software interrupt  19th 1
Software interrupt + BSF/BCF  20th 1
Software interrupt; BSF/BCF on interrupt flags  19th 1
SPI module BF flag  5th 1

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