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[OT] sound cards, spdif, etc  19th 1
[OT] [Way-OT] Technicians versus Engineers  16th 1
[OT] A little help? or.... something else?  2nd 1
[OT] Connecting multiple Vdd or Vss pins on SMT ch  27th 1
[OT] Looking for an Assembler Editor  8th 1
[OT] Speed Sensor  13th 1 14th 18, 70
[OT] Speed Sensor (way out of the pic topic)  14th 1
[OT] Summer "Clearance Sale" of misc. gunk <G>  9th 1
[OT] Temporary Pukelist Signoff  28th 1
[OT] The bathtub challenge  22th 1
analog switch  12th 1
Driving a high voltage H-bridge from a PIC  23th 1 25th 78
From slashdot- TCPIP on a PIC  15th 1
HiTech manual  25th 1
I'm baaaaaack!  19th 1
Lead Acid Battery rejuvination (was: Charging a Pb  27th 1
looking for LCD  21th 1
Micropower radars  22th 1
MPLAB and 3rd party programmers(was MPLAB download  29th 1
MPLAB compatible programmer  7th 1
New MPLAB [was Re: Newbie intro]  6th 1
PIC ICE wanted.  22th 1
PIClisters in the Santa Clara at ESC west  28th 1
Printf in HI-Tech C  18th 1
Prototype with 74JW , program with 64A  21th 1
serial servo controller  10th 1
Y' canna break the laws of Physics :-) / DO try th  4th 1

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