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"Vtech" LCD 2*16 -data ???
(no subject)
(OT) age nationality etc.
(OT) Getting On
(OT) How can I review old messages???
(OT) Radio Noise in my mixer
(OT) Send control data over co-ax?
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??? OT ???
[Fwd: Hoax (Was Re: Virus - Warning message]]
[Fwd: new PICSTART Plus Sofwtware to my homepage]
[Fwd: Re: FW: Virus - Warning message]
[maybe OT?] What is I2C? ][][
[maybe OT?] What is I2C? ][][
[OT?] Re: TIP - ZIF socket
[OT?] Wire Wrap headers
[OT] Cheap Graphical LCD Source Needed
[OT] Is MSC Electronics still alive?
[OT] looking for vibrator (pager-like)
[OT] .COD files (esp Walter Banks)
[OT] A final answer about decoupling caps!
[OT] A final question about decoupling caps.
[OT] a web site on making PCB's
[OT] Anyone know exactly what SelCall is? (tones)
[OT] Australian PIClisters Meet
[OT] bounced messages
[OT] Button Toggle Followup
[OT] Button Toggle w/ Static Discharge
[OT] Compass modules
[OT] DAC help.
[OT] Dealing With Off Topic Stuff
[OT] Dealing With Off Topic Stuff [ON TOPIC] MODER
[OT] Decoupling capacitors
[OT] DS1820 Calibration Variation - How Much?
[OT] For the Geophysist
[OT] Funniest Y2K Joke; 640K limits and MS/IBM
[OT] funny
[OT] Getting On
[OT] Granite Communications Videopad vs PIC
[OT] Hardware access under Linux
[OT] Help with stepper motion specs
[OT] Hex display terminal recommendations?
[OT] High current transformer
[OT] homebrew plastic cases
[OT] homebrew plastic cases (and hard cases)
[OT] homebrew plastic cases and other hard cases
[OT] homebrew plastic cases, alcoholic lakes, ...
[OT] HP LogicDart for debugging?
[OT] I2C acklowledge problems
[OT] I2C acknowledge problems
[OT] Investigating Graphic LCD:s
[OT] IR Temp measurement
[OT] IR Temp measurement (thermocouple wires)
[OT] ISD33000 Wierdness
[OT] JW parts and erasing
[OT] keypad decode///Output select
[OT] LCD abuse
[OT] Low Leakage Capacitors
[OT] LQ9D011 LCD
[OT] Microsoft
[OT] Microsoft patent
[OT] Missing girl
[OT] Need help with RF Solutions AM RF modules
[OT] Okay... what was that all about
[OT] op-amps & charge pump supply
[OT] pager protocols
[OT] Parts and Vendors Software
[OT] PCB Layout Needed
[OT] PDF format and Word
[OT] Preventing Condensation on Outdoor Equipment
[OT] Programmer joke
[OT] ProPic 2 Contest
[OT] Protecting CMOS from ESD
[OT] Protecting CMOS from ESD and Cable Tester des
[OT] proximity detector
[OT] Pseudo random number generator
[OT] Pseudo random number genorator
[OT] Re: Eagle CRACK!!!!! "Anglizismen"
[OT] Re: Funniest Y2K Joke; 640K limits and MS/IBM
[OT] Re: FW: Virus - Warning message
[OT] Re: Home Automation
[OT] Re: Home Automation - Water Volume Measuremen
[OT] RE: Location of People on mailing list...
[OT] Re: Mail List Scolding
[OT] Re: maze roaming robot
[OT] Re: Need pinouts for LCD Module with horizont
[OT] Rejected Postings
[OT] reply to header test
[OT] Sales weirdness question
[OT] Small MOSFETs with low Rsd(on)
[OT] Source code for DVD ModChip ?
[OT] Source for Small PCB Transformers
[OT] SPI EEPROM programmer
[OT] Tech Support
[OT] Ten tiny funny useful little tips.
[OT] Thermoelectric Cooler (peltier) help required
[OT] TI part source
[OT] Transformer testing
[OT] Transformers?
[OT] unknown chip: E21 EXPC temperature sensor
[OT] using 32-bit DLL to access parralell port
[OT] Virus - Warning message
[OT] voice chips
[OT] Voltage regulator
[OT] Voltage Regulator
[OT] Where to get the MT8870?
[OT] Whoops sorry - re spam
[OT] Wire Wrapping
[OT] Wire wrapping questions
[OT] Word 97 & Internet security hole
[OT] Y2K038 Was: Funniest Y2K joke/Y2K and RAM
[OT]: A crystal question.. ][][
[OT]: A crystal question.. ][][
[OT]: Actuator with "Bi-metal" ?
[OT]: Analog (opamp) question
[OT]: Re: TCP/IP over RS485
[OT]Camera transformers?
[OT]Low Battery Level?
[OT]Re: Funniest Y2K Joke Ever!
[OT]RE: Mis-Directed Message, SORRY!!!
[OT]Re: Protocol for PICS Start Plus
[OT]Re: Source code for DVD ModChip ?
[OT]Re: Source code for DVD ModChip ? -Reply
[OT]Re: TIP - ZIF socket
[OTish] TV signal storage
[OTish]color TV signal
[surely OT] Re: Slightly OT - I ain't buyin' it...
[TO] List Server Commands
[Way OT] Outlook font - WAS: RE: The relay circuit
[WOT] Did the PIC Basic List Die?
`508 Grapevine
{OT] Cockroach Detection and Y2K bugs.
{OTish] UV Lamps
+5v from a PC parallel port
<groan> More Y2K dates !
110,000 hits counter contest.
12 V halogen lamp dimmer/motion sensor triggered s
12C508A chips
12C67x Simulator Question
14000 code - AAARRRGGG!
14000 headaches.
14000: weird or wonderful?(was: 14000 headaches)
14000: wonderful but not perfect
16-bit subtraction routine
16C505 availability.
16C557 released yet?
16C74 interrupts & compare
16C84 / 16F84
16f84 + 24c04 + i2c
16F84 based 12 servo controller
16F84 issue
16f84 maze roaming robot
16F87X available yet???
16F87X source?
16F87X source? (Australia)
16HV540 and 16F87X INFO.
16x2 LCD control problem.
16x2 LCD problem
16x2 LCD problem - 2nd post
16x2 LCD problem - Reply on answer <.>
16x2 LCD problem - Reply on answer <>
17c756 adapter to picstart plus (Conection failure
1x16 LCD - Response FIXED!!!!! PICLIST RULES!
20 MHz PIC emulators out there yet?
24bit (32) to ASCII (BCD) conversion routine
32768 crystal question
32-bit divide on 16F84
33khz question
4LAB, new, low cost MPLAB programmers.
'73A vs '73B
8051/AVR forum, LCD, RF-RS232, Solar-Cell
A Java version of your clock
A/D conversion times for PIC12C672
Accessing configuration within code
Actuators and Pics
Again erasing of OTP with X-Rays
American Wire Gauge Table for PICSTERS
AMP - DIMPLOMATE Dip Sockets - [was ZIF...]
An OT posting that was bizzare but went somewhere
Analog inputs for C compiler
Analog Switches
another newbie full of questions...
answer: wdt question
Antwort: Re: RC5 infrared protocol
Archives of this list
Attn: Jim Robertson
Automotive Data Link
Basic Electronics Questions-...hexfets, rectifier.
battery capacity (was: Formula)
Battery rate data and sale, was "Formula previousl
bcf/bsf Portx How much reliable?
Beating a dead horse...
bipolar A/D inputs
Bit test commands and ports
Bounce messages
Bridge Chip
C compilers and paging
Cable simulation
CAN bus anyone?
Candle flicker algorithm
cd duplicator
Ceramic resonator accuracy
Cheap PIC Prices in the UK?
Cheap prices on PIC16C505's
cheap Scenix programmer
Cheap Scenix Programmer
Cheap TV3/4 tuners?
Chinese on my hyperterminal screen ???
Cockroach Detection
Cockroach Detection and Y2K bugs.
Cockroach Detection and Y2K bugs. [way][OT]
Code problem?
Code protect
Code reading
compact sort program
Computed goto on Pic 16F84.
computed goto pic 16f84.
Connector pinout hints
Cool PIC Project
Cryptographic routines
Crystal no-start
Custom LCD panel
data table on PIC16f84
Datasheet for 16C505
Dead parrot
Delay routines in C
delurk gone missing...
Difference between RTD and thermocouple
DIP Socket Reliability - [was ZIF...]
Does CCS compiler recognize the RETLW opcode?
Does SPI mode work?
Driving a stepper motor
DTMF Decoder Chip/Application?
Duty Cycle Measurement
Eagle CRACK!!!!!
Eagle: CadSoft (Was Re: Eagle CRACK!!!!!)
Efficient move block PIC16C77
EKG circuit
EL Backlight LCD Display
electronic compass
Electronic Compass interface
Eletronic compass
embedded design using PCMCIA modem
Exporting from USA to Austrailia
Extending I/O of a PIC16C67
External ram....
Faster than a speeding PIC
FCS / ISO-3309 / CRC generation
FET driving with PIC ?
Firmware upgrade for Picstart Plus...how??
fixed point math routines (AN617)
Flame: Microchip.
fm transmitter and receiver
FOUND: Inexpensive development tools.
FREE Pic programmer? . . .
Frequency counter
FS: PicStart+
Funniest Y2K Joke Ever!
Funniest Y2K Joke Ever! --> Cost of RAM
Funniest Y2K joke/Y2K and RAM
Funniest Y2K Joke; 640K limits and MS/IBM
Funniest Y2K Joke; 640K limits and MS/IBM and [OT]
Funniest...8x88 and PIC addressing
FW: 12C67x Simulator Question
Fw: 16F87X available yet???
FW: A Bigger bug than the Y2K
FW: Keypad Decoding ][][
Fw: subscribe
FW: Virus - Warning message
Fwd: RE: XORLW doesn't XOR?!?!?
Fwd: RE: XORLW doesn't XOR?!?!? - Solved
getting on
getting on Part II (Nationality)
getting on Part II (Nationality) [OT]
Getting On...
getting on->Z81 and PIC
Giro an electronic compass
GPS info
GW-Basic (cheap/free developement tools)
hardware pwm and how to change the frequency witho
Hardware/software joke [OT]
Having trouble debugging this 16x8 bit divide rout
Having trouble finding single quantities of LCD ba
Heartrate Sensor
Hello, am I here?
HELP !!!!!
HELP !!!!! (GolfCart PIC Project)
Help 1X16 LCD only prints 8 characters!
Help with "WRITE_BANK" command (CCS compiler)
Help with Parts ID: CRC09HA04B02V
Help: Can anyone explain PIC interrupt and table q
Help: Where can I get C compiler for PIC16CXX?
Hex terminal
High Voltage Power Transformers
Hi-tech PICC
Home Automation
How can I know the cable type ??????
How do I Unsubscribe?
How do you do this? And who is faster?
How do you reset the SSP?
How Old I am
How to embedd config fuses into PIC.
How to generate two square-wave frequencies from P
How to use HEF 4021?
How to use this EMI filter.
how to wake up a pic?
Hunting for info on Ultrasonic level..
HV Transformer
HyperTerminal help!!
I am this age
I Need a PC Disk Drive Power Connector Source
I2C Automatic Ack
I2C Library, looking for...
I2C master/slave mode for PIC to PIC comms
I2C problems : PIC vs Philips
i2c ram?[OT]
I2C Serial EEPROM Problem...
I2C slave software implementation
Ideas for Pic-based Motion detector?
Improving EEPROM Erase times
In Circuit Serial Programming
Increase Your Business with Emails!
Indirect addressing over different banks
Information on PICVUE or EPSON LCD's?
Input and output both on the same line?
Intel Hex File Reader
Intelligent Alarm Bus
Interconnecting 5v PIC <---> 3v PIC
Interrupt strangeness
IOT. Outlook Express & PICLIST
IR data transfer
IrDA (Ray Doerr !!)
ITU PIC-1 programmer compatibility with new flash
jal release 0.3
Just starting
just try it!
Just wondering...
JW parts and erasing
Keeloqs - download?
Keyboard decoders and design philosophy
Keypad Decoding
Keypad Decoding ][][
Keypad Decoding ][][
Keypad Decoding ][][
Large Graphic Displays via 16F84
LCD Animation
LCD displays 10 char by 10 lines
LCD Displays needed
LCD is working ; sorry4 indentical msg's!
LCD Questions
light sensitivity with uncovered window JW part
light sensitivity with uncovered window JW part?
light sensitivity with uncovered window JW part
light sensitivity with uncovered window JW part? (
Li-Ion Battery
Li-Ion Battery -Reply
Liquid level
list of low ESR cap vendors
LISTBOT error fixed
Listserve commands?
Location of People on mailing list...
Looking for an adapter for the PIC 17C756 (from 40
Low ESR caps
Low ESR caps [OT]
LZH Utilities - where to find them?
Macbeth hath murdered sleep
Magnetoelectric transducer modulate IC for engine
Magtek magnetic card readers
Mail List Scolding
Make your PCBs for free!!!!
Make your PCBs for free!!!!/YAP/PICLite
maze roaming robot
MediumC PIC-C compiler (beta version)
MediumC PIC-C compiler.
Micro-bRISC Device Programmer Win95/Win98 Software
Microchip PSP port and ISA-bus communications
Mis-Directed Message, SORRY!!!
More portb change interrupts
More RELAY related stuff
MORE relay stuff Questions <>
Motor controling question
MP3 decoder chip
MPLAB 4.0 and Windows 2000 Beta 3
MPLAB author e-mail
MPLAB programmers. warp-3, pp1 PICSTART 16C
MPLAB under NT 4.0
MPLAB4.0 - adding files to project
MPLINK error
multiple calls
multiple calls on 12c509
Music [OT]ones
Music Tones
musical tones
My apologies
My transformer is pretty hot Why????
Need EEPROM Erase recomendation. My DataErase take
Need I2C EEPROM Programmer Recommendations (~$100)
Need pinouts for LCD Module with horizontal style
Need: PARALLAX Math Routines
Network hardware questions
New design at Microchip Net resources page
New MPLAB PIC programmer "REAPER"
New PIC Book Released by Square 1 Electronics
New PIC with High Voltage I/O and On-Board Voltage
New software versions P16PRO & PICALL
New to microcontrollers
Noise problem on 16c84
Number of I/O
NVRAM, was Simple bus interface
Off Topic Stuff
Off Topic Stuff [OT] APOLOGY to Reginald Neale
Ok, Ok, Thanks everyone (Was hello, am I still her
On a par with those VIRUS WARNINGs! (so [OT] it ma
On screen display
one pin communication
Optimal realization: Array data to another locatio
Oscillator Running?
OT . Video camera RF transmitter
OT ; a transformer matter.
OT ; Music Tones
OT Eletronic compass
OT PDF format and Word
OT remote monitoring
OT Transistor
OT White LED
OT Y2k threads
OT. Outlook Express & PICLIST
OT. Outlook Express ? PICLIST
OT: getting on
OT: Getting On
OT: getting on
OT: getting on & Amateur at that !!
OT: getting on (and question)
OT: health risk from lead in solder?
OT: health risk from lead in solder? & Fume filter
ot: help with a diode
OT: Help with Eagle circuit designer from CadSoft
OT: LC oscillator and PIC as capacitor AtoD
OT: Network hardware questions
OT: Outlook Express
OT: solenoid drivers.
OT: Standard GRAPHIC LCD units
OT:MS Intelli (Wheel) Mouse like input device
OT:RE: getting on Part II (Nationality)
OT:RE: rs232
OT?: getting on
Output of your job "PICLIST"
P16Pro Programmer and Jim's Birthday.
P16Pro Programmer xster, and pwer mosfet question
P16pro software, early expiration?
Parallax prg. update
Parity Calculation
Parity Thanks
PC Hardware (again)
PC to 16C74A Serial Hookup
PCMCIA interface for Picmaster - last chance!
PIC & DMX Lighting control ??
PIC & DMX Lighting control wireless
PIC 16C84 Bulk Erase
PIC 16C84 fails to execute decfsz
Pic 16f84 & serial eeprom
PIC 16F87X
PIC based FLASH ROM programmer ?
PIC based MP3 decoder
PIC Basic
PIC Basic - PRO edition...
PIC Basic and Programer Info Please???
pic basic compiler 12c5xx
PIC Basic of Some Kind
Pic binary arithmetic
PIC boards for PC?
PIC broadcasting interference???
PIC code for Random number generation
PIC controlled remote TV Tuner
PIC controlling Sony car cd
PIC controlling Sony car CD
PIC controlling Sony car cd player?
Pic devices schematic Lib for Protel
PIC don't erase !!!!!
PIC interrupt wake from sleep
Pic Programer and Basic PIC software
PIC programmers
PIC programmers correction.
PIC Prototyping circuit boards--FREE GIVEAWAY!
PIC Prototyping circuit boards--FREE GIVEAWAY! in
pic selection for stereo project
Pic tutorial in Portuguese
PIC12C508A programming
PIC12C508A programming troubles
PIC16C87x serial bootloader development, the seque
PIC16F84 Does not want to SLEEP (insomnia?)
PIC16F84 to Parallel Printer
PIC17C44 Start-up info.
PIC-BASIC nn.OBJ - PIC-TUTOR (TASM) conversion ??
PicBasic Pro
PIC-List archives - where to find?
PICLIST DESIGN? Re: Keypad Decoding
PICLIST Digest - 12 Jan 1999 to 13 Jan 1999
PICLIST Digest - 13 Jan 1999 to 14 Jan 1999
PICLIST Digest - 19 Jan 1999 to 20 Jan 1999
PICLIST Digest - 22 Jan 1999
PICLIST Digest - 26 Jan 1999 to 27 Jan 1999
PICList Web Archive Update
Picstart plus and 17c756
PicStart Plus and Pic 17C756
PICStart Plus inconsistencies
PICSTART Plus Sofwtware to my homepage
PicStart Plus upgrade
PICxxxxx...VS PICxxxxxA
PICxxxxx...VS PICxxxxxA vs 74B
PID control & new member
PID control with PIC
Piezoelectric Servo (OT)
pipe organ method
pipe organ method - water level
pipe organ method [OT]
Please Reload
Port B problems
Port pin survival question
porta troubles
Problem with 74HC165 shift registers
Problem with 74HC165 shift registers/ How to use H
Problems MPLAB 4 SIM-Simulator
Prog 16C73A with PSTART Lite
Program compile...
program works before burning
Programmer - PICStart+ vs Others
Programmer for 12C508 / 12C509
Programmer Hell
Programmer Hell Redux
Programming 12Cxxx
Programming different kinds of PIC...
programming help
protection, how?
Protocol for PICS Start Plus
PSX code
PSX code?
PSX Memory cards
pwm AN654 problem
PWM Code Help Please For PIC16C73A
Pwr MOSFET's for relays?
Q: PIC generating NTSC video
Q: How to get accurate temp. calibration reference
Question 11 Mhz
R/C speed control
R: Re: [OT] Wire wrapping questions
R: Re: OT PDF format and Word
R: Re: OT: Getting On
R: compact sort program
R: Re: [OT] Wire wrapping questions
R: TMR0 compensation
Radio Pager
Random number generation
RC freq formula
RC5 infrared project files
RC5 infrared protocol
Re : RS-232
RE(2): How to embedd config fuses into PIC.
RE(2): PIC17C44 Start-up info (JIM).
Re; Floating point math's routines
Re[2]: [OT] ISD33000 Wierdness
Re[2]: How do I Unsubscribe?
Re[2]: OT: getting on
Real Time Clocks
Real-time clock
REC-80 IR page on my Web Server
REC-80 IR protocol sample, not RC5
Receipt of 1/4/99 3:19 PM message
Receipt of 1/4/99 3:23 PM message
Receiver IR w/ problems sunlight
Recommended Programmer, etc ?
Recommended Programmer, etc ? - YAP
Rejected Email - Sorry!
Relay stuff part 2
Resetting the SSP and I2C Automatic Ack
RF modules and antenna problems
RLF, RRF (Thanks)
Rolling code?
Rolling codes gather no moss...
RS-232 [OT]
RS232 datasheet
RS232 Handshaking
RS232 receive
RS232 trace.
SANITY CHECK -- Bit Manipulation of a 12C50x
Saving W in 16c63 problem!
Search a RS232 routine for PIC16F84
Searching for other microcontroller SIG groups
Seeking Development partnet
selection of microcontroller for stereo
Serial comm's in QBASIC?
Serial comm's in QBASIC? <OT>
Setting up ADC for '71 with CCS C compiler
Silly Y2K Questions [OT]
Simple bus interface
Slightly OT - I ain't buyin' it...(long)
Small MOSFETs with low Rds(on)
Software controlled Hardware reset....
Software Stack Return on Long Call
Software Stack Return on Long Call; register usage
Solid-state servo
Solid-state servo [OT]
SOLVED - PIC16F84 Does not want to SLEEP (insomnia
some information
Someone tell me if I'm blind
sony UniLink
Sorry fo Magnetoelectric transducer modulate IC
Sorry... Wrong forward!!
Source code for DVD ModChip ?
Source for Small PCB Transformers
SPAM! 4LAB, new, low cost MPLAB programmers.
Spare SMT PCBs?
Spelling Checker Madness
SRAM Address and Chip-Enable Controller for PICs
SSOP 28 footprint dimensions/specs?
Standard math routine for PIC16F84 (was Re: How to
State of a Pin on a PIC
Still searching IrDA-software for PIC's
stimulus files
Stimulus files and MPLAB V4.00
subscribe pclist Christophe Ceccon
subscribe piclist
Success for a Newbie!!!
supress "ERROR MSG [302]"
SX Assembler
synchronization of clocks or GPS
tachometer output fans
talented pic'ers
TCP/IP over RS485
Temp. calibration
The Hardware Book is back!
The relay circuit
the relay circuit
The relay circuit
the relay circuit
The relay circuit
the relay circuit
The relay circuit
the relay circuit - 1N400X re 1N4148
The relay circuit PART TWO on field problems
The relay circuit. OT Question
The relay circuit. OT Question -- OOPS
The Scenix Chip
Thermoelectric Cooler (peltier) help required.
Thermoelectric Cooler (peltier) response
TI-83 Interfacing
TI-86 Graphics Calculator Link
Tilt sensor
Timer 1 rollover on 16c73
Timer/Counter Clock Question.
Timer/Counter Clock Question.(again)
TIP - Poor Man's ZIF socket
TIP - ZIF socket
TMR0 compensation
tmr0 vs. port for R measurement
tmr0 vs. port for R measurement
Trying to build a VCXO
Trying to find replacement for ICEPIC EMULATOR cab
Ultrasonic Level Measurement
ultrasonic ranger problem
Undeliverable [OT] I'm also got tired with this sp
Undeliverable idiot
Universal production programmer?
unsibscribe piclist
unsubscibe piclist
unsubscribe Christophe Ceccon
unsubscribe piclist
unsubscriber (Time for instructions again it seem
Unused PIC Pins - What to do with them?
Unused PIC pins tied to ground - Input or Output?
Using capture ports on PIC16C76
using I/O as switch & thanx...
Using Picstart+ for production programming
Video camera RF transmitter
Voice operated switch
Voltage -> Current
Wake up PIC by input pulse ????
Wanted, preloved warp-3s
wanted: custom LCD front panel design for PC
Warp-3 and the 16C74
Washington State - Seattle area reference
wdt question-long
What is PIC 18Cxxx?
What's Firmware? [OT]
Where can I get a warp-3
Why PIC versus the 68HC11 (especially the PIC16C74
Wire wrappping method
Wyse60 emulator software!
Xemacs Syntax Hightlighting for PIC Assembler
XORLW doesn't XOR?!?!?
Y0K problem
your CD video tour
Zilog Vs. Microchip ??

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