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"Vertical" words mathematics sources, books,
"Vertical" words mathematics sources, books, hints
#define and equ directives?
$60 PIC programmer
(Fwd) [OT]Inverse Charaters on LCD
(OT) EMAIL remover - anti SP*MMER???
(OT) Looking for Micromint Domino Utilities
.Re: PicStart Plus Adapters for PLCC
:-)) www.chiangmainews.com/leonids/cam.html
???Rutines 16c/f84 9600bps ???
[Fwd: change table read or what]
[OT] finding hard to find Integrated Chips
[OT] to capture print message to disk
[OT] - who had info on moto remote access pagers?
[OT] Data on VCR?
[OT] Diamond Deposition methods?
[OT] Diamond Deposition methods? (Was: Re: Design
[OT] DRAM/ HWB Hardware Book/ Pinouts etc.
[OT] FLASH (AMD 29F040)
[OT] help me help The Long Now Foundation earn $2
[OT] Job placement
[OT] Mail Problem
[OT] Mailing lists/newsgroups - RF comms
[OT] Measuring led intensity in ambient light
[OT] mounting SMT chip
[OT] Old Calculator Question
[OT] old messages
[OT] PIC Whistle?
[OT] Please Ignore Bounced Messages If ...
[OT] Politic vs ideas WAS Re: Cracked
[OT] Re: 16K pic and pic17c44
[OT] Re: 6 ways to make her want you
[OT] Re: Email Viruses
[ot] Re: How to Stop cellular phones ?
[OT] Re: RPM counter
[OT] Rob Lawes
[OT] SCIAM Connections: James Cameron -> Terminato
[OT] SMD info source?
[OT] ultra cheap uv EPROM eraser?
[OT] USB extender
[OT] Wire Twister
[OT] Wire Twisters Anonymous
[OT]: Cracked
[OT]: While we're talking of viruses...
[OT][OT][Parody] eyegive
[OT][OT]Rodent heartrate data[OT][OT] --Delete now
[OT]Inverse Charaters on LCD
[OT]RE: Compiler Crash on Dhrystone Compilation...
[OT]Referbishing solid gel type batter for robot p
[OT]Wanted: Test Engineering Resources
[OTish] Has anyone used the MICRF001 from MICREL?
[OTish] UK: Easy 418MHz RF control
[PICS] Strobes
[Re: Fast Prototyping]
[Re: Tx,, RX, TRANSCIEVER modules]
[STAMPS] Need to know what kind of Transistor
[Tx,, RX, TRANSCIEVER modules]
[Where Mail-Order PICPLUS programmer (U.S.)?]
+5V from 120 VAC power
0-500 deg F temperature
1,2,3's of PIC16F84
12 bit ADC and SPI (little OT)
12C508 availability
12c508 Calibration and Watchdog problem
12C509 and 2-3mA switching CKT.
12C509 WDT Wake
12c509/jw-!Programming Failed!
12C509-JW How long to erase?
12C509-JW source & price
12CXxx SOIC adapter
16C73 midi-in routine
16C74 Interrupt Routine
16C84 and 16F84
16C84 vs. 16F84
16Cxx and 12C5xx Programmer Plans?
16F/C84 Header file for MPLAB C-17
16F84 Header File
16F84- Help determining Oscillator Freq?
16F84 PORTB Carry Bit - Clearing it (zero).
16F84 Power Up Initialization Code
16K pic and pic17c44
17C and RICE17A and HiTech C compatibility
17C756 Users?
1-pin debugging 'protocol'
2 words/clocks example of complementing Carry bit
2-byte negating trick?
32 Bit Addition
32 Bit Addition (commented)
4 bit LCD
4 Digit frequency counter
4x4 keypad routine
5v supply from mains
6 ways to make her want you
6 ways to make her want you [OT, OT, OT, OT]
68HC11 List?
8 & 18 pin PIC programmer
8-pin EE devices
93C86 programmer
A Few Questions From A Newbie
A/D module acquisition time question. Repetitive s
AC measure
ac voltage monito
Adapters for picstart plus ?
Adapters for picstart plus ? back Again
Advantage to MPLAB 4.00
Also!: looking for CUSTOM equipment housing [OT]
Altitude stuff with a pic
Antwort: BC547s
Any experience with PICDEMO-X ?
Anyone doing PIC MIDI?
Anyone know how to make the Microsoft Intellimouse
Application Code
async serial tolerances (was Re: ceramic resonator
Atmel AVR mailinglist
Auto range
B/Ordered. 12C508/JW
Backup for NJU6355 RTC
bank select error
bank select problem
bank select problem (was: Re: Myke's book,
bank select problem (was: Re: Myke's book, a fresh
Bank select problem PIC16F84
BASIC for Scenix SX chips
Best chip for a "Kitty Scarer" application
Best price on White LEDS
Big PWM problem ? independent CCP1 & CCP2 outputs
binary two's compliment
BinŠr to BCD
Bit Value checking (16F84)
Bug in posted MOMA code??
Bug in posted MOMA code?? - fixed
C Compiler
C Compiler?
CAD simulation software for pic to GAL
Can I configure PWM hardware for low frequencies?
Can I use 1 (4Mhz) crystal for 2 16F84 micros?
Can't find space for psect xtemp in segment BANK0
cap identification
Capacitor Voltage
card reading
Cellular Terrorism
Cheapest commercial Programer?
Checking of BIT Values
Chip Selection
Chip Selection/Real World Design
Choosing a LCD
Circuit Cellar article
Clock/Calendar chip suggestions?
CMOS video camera modules
CMOS video camera modules - quite [OT] really!
Code for the PIC
code you sent put
Compiler Crash on Dhrystone Compilation...
Configuration word
convertor pcmouse to quadrature
Cracked - Time to take if offline?
Cracked - Time to take if offline? - or move?
Cracked [OT]
Cracked [OT] Offering to stop spamming...
Cracked[becomes OT]
Cracked[becomes OT] [WAY OT!]
Cracked[becomes OT] [WAY OT!][And even more OT]
Cracked[becomes OT] [WAY OT!][And even more OT][Th
creative ways to surface mount
Crystal fault symptoms.
Crystals and PIC12CE673
curent vs. clock speed
Data link question .......
Datasheet for PIC16F877
Daylight negative Process
Demostration Boards
Demostration Boards PICDEM
Design for Dollars [was: musical tones]
Design of a cooling system using expansion of comp
Designer switches
Difference between 16C74A and 16C74B
Digital filtering code needed
DIY PIC programmers
DMX512 Receiver/Decoder Schematic
Do you know 14000?
Does PR2 Writes reset the PWM?
Double Postings [and test]
DRAM - Parallax example conversion to HiTech C att
DRAM --> Keyrings :-)
DRAM again
driving VCR motors
DT-204 / DT-206 PGMR problem
DTMF detection
DTMF signal generation with PIC, how ?
eeprom emulator
EL Panel power controller
Electroluminescent panel power controller.
Emacs and PIC Assembler
EMAIL virus :-))) Was: VIRUS WARNING
Embedded System show in san jose
Emulator comparison (ClearView/PICMaster)
Emulators (was Morse decoder)
EPROM erasing question
eprom programmer
Extending memory
Extra Keyboard
Fast Prototyping
first program
Fixed point libraries for 14000?
Flash vs. EE
Flowcharting 101/PIC
Free Scenix Development Tools
Frequencymeter on a LCD 2 lines display
full-duplex software UART
Fw: Electroluminescent panel power controller
FW: Auto range
Fw: Electroluminescent panel power controller.
FW: led display question
Fw: NOPPP No parts PIC programmer.
FYI: Spec for serial null-modem modular adapters
Gateing High Current SCR's
General Enquiry
Goodbye everyone!
gpsim (was Re: Cracked[becomes OT] [WAY OT!][And e
Hard buying choices...
Hardware Usart
HCT Parts (AC versus HC)
HCT Parts and stuff shift registers
help me help The Long Now Foundation earn $2
Help on program structure
help programing pic16c622
Help wanted
help with DS1620 code
Help with DS1620 code
Help with Interrupts using Timer1
help with japanese transistors
Help with TMS1000 -> PIC.
HEX format
High gauss magnetic material
High temperature sensor
Hitachi LCD custom characters
How control Liquid Level with PIC16F84 ?
How did I F*ck up my windowed 16c62a
How did I Foul up my windowed 16c62a
How does Watchdog Timer works ?
How to measure frequency(noise) of boiling fluid?
How to simulate a walking waveform?
How to Stop cellular phones ?
How to Stop cellular phones ? {SAR; way OT, I gue
How to stop cellular phones?
How to switch a SCR? , Please some ideas...
how to use xxx.bin to program pic16c54
How: PICSTART under Windows NT ??
I can't update picstart plus.
I2C ???
I2C ???????
I2C Master
I2C Master Question
I2C max distance.
i2c ram?[OT]
I2C RF Modulator Oscillator
I2C routines PIC16C63 in ASM ???
I2Cbus devide simulation software
ICEPIC Junior emulator Any opinions?
ICSP box
IIC buggy
Important : PIC 16C77-10I/PQ Users
In need of switch
In-circuit programming
In-circuit programming with PICStart+
Include problem when compiling
INDF and bank1
Info for PIC-Floppy disc drive
Info on BCD switches
Injection Molding company - Lacey, WA
Inteface a PIC to a 93AA66 EEPROM
Interfacing a PIC to HP infra-red serial port.
Interfacing a static drive LCD, how?
Interfacing U are U fingerprint scanners
Interfacing U are U fingerprint scanners (Identify
Internal MCLR
IR barrier and sunlight
Is ITU Tech Defunct?
ISD C Functions
ITU is No More for Now....
ITU no longer ITU
ITU Tech. - we'll miss you Chris
JAM or JTAG interfaces in the works?
JC's 12c509 random LED flasher (was: Re: Cracked)
JDM COM programmer and PIP02
JW parts erase time
JW parts erase time - neat trick
Kontakt Chemie Photopositiv: board coting & dust
laser filter.@670nm
LCD display code
LCD help.
LCD interfacing
led display question
LED question
Lego Mindstorms PIC tinkerings
Linear Technology App Note Index
Linux PIC Short-FAQ
List-wide question: Mini-FAQ {How to unsubscribe}
Look up tables
looking for equipment housing
Looking for information
Looking for information - telemarketing rejection
looking for sample code, programming modem chip fx
Low power design with PICs- choosing resistors
Mac KISS programmer
Mach 130/131 programmer
Manchester code
Math Question
Max R/C servo frequency
MCLR rise time issues
Menu system
Millennium Clock
Millennium Clock (Repost)
Miller code
MOMA-filter field observation & speed up idea
More in-circuit programming questions
Morse decoder
Morse Decoder
Morse decoder required
Motor Control Help
Motor Control help...
MPEG1 Layer 3 (MP3) ENcoder IC's?
MPLAB - input problem
MPLAB : Asynchronous Stimulus Dialog
MPLAB 3.4 + 'Doze95
MPLab 3.99 can't find output file
MPLAB 3.99 question
MPLAB 3.99.23 Using Byte Craft: Problem Compiling
MPLAB and Microsoft Intellipoint
MPLAB assembler- problems with hex numbers
MPLAB macro for Parallax instructions?
MPLAB simulation, input
musical tones
My book, a freshman's comment and Errata.
Myke's book (was PicMicro Compatibles)
Myke's book, a freshman's comment.
Neat PIC programmer idea
need data info.
Need help unprotect a code protected 16C77
Need help with protected code
Need info on JDM COM programmer and PIP0
Need PIC Hardware Emulator recommendations (16C74)
Need Tait programmer Help Please
Need to know what kind of Transistor
Neophyte need help with SIMICE.
New files Posted
New mail-list about chips
New ProPic 2
Nine code protecting bits in 16F84
NOPPP No parts PIC programmer.
Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter
NT based PIC programming software
Object Speed Counting in sunlight.
Old calcs
old calcularors
Old messages
On screen display(OSD)
Online Status is Ready!
Oops! (WinTM4, WinPSP and ST4UNST ERRORS)
Optrex DMF5005 240x64 LCD?
OSSCAL 12C5XX. How to save?
OT - Leonids tonight (and not a PIC in sight :-))
OT Found a microcontroller MT-X516?
OT programming language
OT programming language - slightly back on topic
OT Re: Test message - Do not read
OT Schematic editors
OT: cellular
OT: dubble postings
OT: dubble postings --> Solution
OT: Kontakt Chemie Photopositiv: board coting & du
OT: On Engineers (from the 68HC11 list)
OT: Re: Free ASCII schematic drawing prog 4 emaila
OT: Remote Control
OT: RS-232 to TTL levels
OT: Wanted: schematic of (quartz) thermostat on th
OT: While we're talking of viruses...
OTP devices
Output of your job "PICLIST"
Oven microwave crowd
Over Voltage on 16C71JW
Pager Project- Remote Control
Parallax code to MPASM code
Parallax down ?
Parallax Macros
Parallax to MPASM
Password Routine
PB, MPLAB Question
PCB Compiler
PCB Layout Software
PCB-Software - errata
Peter Anderson's Home Page
Philips TV/VCR PLL @ low Fosc anyone ?
PIC <----> ISD 3300 via SPI port?
Pic cookbooks
PIC Crystals
PIC from 9V battery
PIC identification
PIC LIST Archive
PIC name
Pic Network ?
PIC Power-up.
PIC Programmer
PIC programmer
PIC Programmer
PIC programmer
PIC Programmer
PIC programming
PIC USART question
PIC versus Scenix
PIC Vref Question.
PIC16C65A and LCD problem!!
PIC16C84 * problems with output ports
PIC18 and new emulator
PIC18XXX family.
PicBASIC and 12C672?
PICBUDDYs - External OSC ?, and a design
PICLIST Digest - 11 Nov 1998 to 12 Nov 1998
PICLIST Digest - 17 Nov 1998 to 18 Nov 1998
PICLIST Digest - 22 Nov 1998 to 23 Nov 1998
PICLIST Digest - 3 Nov 1998 to 4 Nov 1998
PICLIST Digest - EPROM eraser
Piclist error messages
Piclist Listserver behaviour
PICMaster Trouble on WinNT 4.0
pic-sound card
PicStart Plus Adapters for PLCC
PICSTART Plus adapters mystery
PicStart Plus Bug...
PID Control with PIC
PID question.[OT]
Pin Source
Pinout of the 80286
Pinout of the 80286, AGAIN
PIP02 and 16F84
PLC schematic using PIC 16C84 or 16C7x
Please dont send any mail
Please Ignore
please no more mail
please point me to a easy 16F84 programmer to buil
Power from piezo?
Power Line detecting [OT]
powering Nixie tubes (was Re: Fw: Electroluminesce
Pressure Sensor
Pro Pic
problems signing on list...
Process returns after 0xFF boundary on '54
Process returns after 0xFF boundary on '54 -VTR qu
Processor choice
Professional PCB Schematics NOT shareware
Program EEprom table using Excel during execution?
Program Memory
Program Memory - EEProm.
Program Memory - made a mistake !
Programming families
ProPic 2 V2.0
PRoPic 2 v2.1
Pull-up resistors
Purchase for PIC chip sample
question about building a datalogger
Question about measuring Temperature
R: MPLab 3.99 can't find output file
R: Re: D.Tait parallel programmer and Pentium
R: Re: PicMicro Compatibles
R: Re: Video Project Idea
R: Re: WDT vs. MCLR resets
Random LED Flasher
RANDOM NUMBERS....PICing the right number 101
RB0 edge
RB7:RB4 interupts
RC oscillator startup
RDS handling software.
RDS Stuff
Re : Auto range
Re : Fast Prototyping
Re : Free Scenix Development Tools and compiler ?
Re : Gateing High Current SCR's
Re : How to Stop cellular phones ? WAOUUUU !
Re : MPLab 3.99 can't find output file
Re : PRoPic 2 v2.1
Re : Re: CAD simulation software for pic to GAL
Re : Re: Do you know 14000?
Re : Re: How to switch a SCR? , Please some ideas.
Re : Re: Professional PCB workbench
Re : Re: Re : Fast Prototyping
Re : Re: Unused bits of I/O ports
re speedo
RE(2): Difference between 16C74A and 16C74B
RE(2): WDT and PWM question??
Re[2]: Anyone know how to make the Microsoft Intel
Re[2]: C Compiler
Re[2]: Compiler Crash on Dhrystone Compilation...
Re[2]: Cracked
Re[2]: Do you know 14000?
Re[2]: Millennium Clock (Repost)
Re[2]: musical tones
Re[2]: RDS handling software.
Read copy protected 16c54
Read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Hel
Reading a potentiometer without an ADC
Receiver for IR learning Remote Control
recommend a chip please?
Rejected Too
Rejecting all messages
rejecting messages. How come?
Remote Monitoring
Reply to PICLIST Please
RLF, through Carry?
Rob Lawes
RPM counter
RPM Counter
RPM counter
RPM Counter
RS232 Serial Interface from CCS C
RS-232 to TTL levels
RV: How to switch a SCR? , Please some ideas...
Sale on PICMaster?
Scenix programmer
Scenix programmer [OT]
searching for inexpensive programmer $<60 to progr
Secret references from Microchip
Sensitive RB0...
Serial (SPI or I2C) SRAM
Serial LCD Interace using 16F84
Serial memory for smartcards
shift registers
Siemens PLC protocol
Siemens SAB 80286 -A
Simple Serial PIC16C84 Programmer
Simplest way to connect 5V with 3V logic
sin function
Sipex vs Maxim Was: Write voltage and MAX232
SiStudio server down ?
sleep time
SMD adapters
smd component soldering
SNN KURZINFO fuer Abonnenten
SOIC to DIP Adapters
solution to telemarketing rejection
Someone made a printerbuffer?
Sonar Polaroid
Sonar Transducer Question
SONY or SEGA Playstation (Interface Protocols)
Sony Remotes...
Sorry, just a test
Sort algorithm ?
Sort algorithm ? Average of mean values routine!
Sort algorithm ? repost
Speedo Project
Speedometer Module 16F84/04P
Speedometer Project
SPI and Microwire
stepping over the SLEEP instruction
Stopping cell phones
Suggestions for an newbee pic-er
supply voltage for 16f84?
Surface Mount Crystals
SX100 - will the history repeat ?
Talking about cell phones...
TEA Question
telephone line blocker
Test (Please Disregard)
Test Message
Test message - Do not read
test message-please ignore
test msg 4
Testing ....
The Couting Game
The new flash part, 16F877?
to invert a single bit
trigger a film camera
Trimble TSIP Protocol
Trying to reach Andy Warren (OT)
Turbo Pascal timing issues.
Two or more PICS sharing one memory
Tx,, RX, TRANSCIEVER modules
UART problem
Un-initialized RAM? (Was: SOIC V's PDIP)
Unubscribing this guy
Unused bits of I/O ports
Unused PIC Pins tied to GROUND?
Unused PIC Pins tied to GROUND? - somewhat OT
Upgrade elder Picstart plus!
Upgrade instructions! WAS Re: PIC versus Scenix
Use gel paper to create PCBs good results
Using EPIC for ICP
Using one A/D for two different signals
using pic with out RS232 chip
Using PicStart+ for production programming
Using Picstart+ for production programming
Using PicStart+ for production programming
Using Picstart+ for production programming
Using RX interrupts with USART on PIC16C63
Using the J1587/1708 bus
V‡lasz: Re: RDS handling software.
VD modules schematics (total 2)
VHF PLL controlled with PIC
Video Capture
video output from pic???
Vir*ses, embedded systems, etc.
Voice and Eeprom
Voice Messages
voice messages
Voltage regulation with PIC
WDT and PWM question??
What does the "~" mean in assembly?
What does the "~" mean in assembly? Sorry if dupli
What is RTEMS and can it be used for PIC developm
Whatever happened to...
where IS the stack described in TOS physically sto
Where Mail-Order PICPLUS programmer (U.S.)?
Where to buy PIC 16F84
Which programmer: ProPIC2 or PICALL?
Which programmer? ProPIC2 or PICALL
Why is Microchip removing the TRIS and OPTION comm
Windows IDE for Hi-Tech PIC C Compiler
Wow, that sounds very good !
Write voltage and MAX232
Writing into EEPROM on a 16C84
writing to portB
YR 2000 proof !...
Zero reading register

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