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[OT] 240V whatever... Sheesh!  23th 1
[OT] It's hot and my fan is broke. (Fix Instructio  15th 1
16F84 Port Expander  25th 1
CCP Modules from HELL!!!  15th 1
DCC vs Darlington Transistor  26th 1
Digital signal is stumping me!  15th 1
'F84/PortA/Pin4 Weirdness  24th 1
'F84:RA4 Pullup Resistor  28th 1
I Hate Dongles!  22th 1
LCD Backlight EL Inverters For Sale  20th 1 21th 61
LED Display driving/sharing drawings  22th 1
loads of flashing LEDs  23th 1 24th 80
Measure 115VAC with a 'C67X  23th 1
Motor Direction  25th 1
Need gear motors for PIC 'bot  15th 1
Olympic Averaging with a PIC  24th 1
PIC net (BASIC question)  15th 1
PICs sharing same data lines of LCD  17th 1
Rotary Shaft Encoders from Digi-Key  25th 1
The Ultimate Peripheral: Another PIC  25th 1
Upper and Lower Case 7 Seg Characters  26th 1

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