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[OT] CTCSS Encode/Decode  9th 1
[OT] Schottky transistors; why are there not  9th 1
[OT] Using a mouse as a cheap incremental encoder?  23th 1
[OT] We SPAY your PETS & you never have to pay us  3rd 1
[OT], Question for physics person  14th 1
12C509JW OSCCAL & Making a Deadline  19th 1
12V to 5v [0T]  23th 1
16C54 in an 16F84 programmer  19th 1
16F84 vs 16C84  4th 1
A/D and signal -10V..+10V  10th 1
after I return from an interupt...  24th 1
Blow only once with not PIC16C84? Is it true?  26th 1
D.C. GFI for Deep Sea Diver Heating During Decompr  19th 1 22th 90
Do 16C559/JW's get tired?  19th 1
Fast serial out  24th 1
How do comment out more than one line in Microchip  3rd 1
How to convert an 8 bit byte into two ASCII chars.  11th 1
Instantaneous Fuel Consuption Measurement  26th 1
More sink current - and the unabridged history of  19th 1
Parallax format code- What is "indirect"?  3rd 1
pic questions  26th 1
PICLIST Digest - 23 Jun 1998 to 24 Jun 1998  26th 1
Picstart PLus Won't work  22th 1
Power-on vs. awake from sleep  24th 1
Project question: rerouting TTL signals  12th 1
Q: PIC 16F84 drives MOSFET hot?  24th 1
question on increasing pic internal clock speed  22th 1
Re[2]: pic questions  29th 1
selection of battery for power consumption of 300m  9th 1
Using a PC modem with a PIC  25th 1
Voltage -> Current  15th 1
Weatherized DC Power jack  24th 1
Working PIC serial routine. Anyone?  3rd 1

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