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(OT, sort of)Crystals oscillating at 3x marked fre  14th 1
[OT] Old TV remotes that used ultrasonic?  7th 1
Amazing low-end products (was Re: PIC Development  28th 1
Battery self discharge....  14th 1
Coil Manufacture  3rd 1
determining a resistance value  14th 1
ESD troubles  14th 1
Fuse rating [OT]  30th 1
Huh? 74HC138 crosstalk?  28th 1
IS IT POSSIBLE?...  14th 1
Mircochip Semenars  31th 1
Mouse Interface  31th 1
mplab+picstart plus cut'n'paste  28th 1
PCB drill sizes...  26th 1
Re; reading pusbuttons  17th 1
Sensing Low Battery Condition  14th 1
To Few Port Pins ????  10th 1
Totally [OT] - A question for the Brits.  14th 1
Washing Machine Control [OT]  15th 1
What is the best way to sense a pushbutton press??  16th 1

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