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 26th 1
Barometer using PIC, ADC0831, MPX5100A sensor  10th 1
Board construction techniques (was: Yet another LE  16th 1
Caller ID (was Re: LED matrix multiplexing (Correc  15th 1
Christams lights  28th 1
christmas lights  26th 1
EASYSCOPE II, any experiences?  18th 1
help:Kart Racing time control  21th 1
LED matrix multiplexing (Correction !!!)CNID  15th 1
New PIC rumor.  30th 1
OPTION instruction  30th 1
PCB Design  16th 1
PCB manufacturers  16th 1
PIC comparision spreadsheet  5th 1
PIC Spreadsheet  26th 1
Programmer Power  24th 1
Programmer Software  26th 1
State of RA(2..3) on 17C42 after MCLR  11th 1 15th 186
Test input on 17C42?  11th 1
Why does the PICs require 12-14V to program?  22th 1

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