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'똉: Re: [OT] How dou YOU ftp'
1998\05\01@104944 by Alex Torres

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>>I note that many piclisters are running a website.
>>I have just acquired one and need amongst other things to use appropriate
>>software for uploading. Cute ftp is recommended (shareware) but others may
>>know of cheaper (free :-) )  or better solutions. Any comments?
>Windows NT comes with an FTP program. Try typing "FTP" in a command prompt

All WWW-client program (MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.) may
be used af ftp client, bt it is sence yo use it only to fing a file that you
Another beautiful program is FAR (File Archive Manager, by E.Roshal, the
author of the RAR compressor), it aslo have ftp-client part (good!). I don't
remember the FAR's URL, but I hope the search engines helps everybody.

To downloading of the files it is better to use Reget, NatVampire, GetRight,
etc. program, becouse with the help of this program you can resume downloads
after disconnecting (if the server can do this).
As for me - I use GetRigth (

Alex Torres, Kharkov, Ukraine (exUSSR)
2:461/28 FidoNet

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