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PICList Thread
'your mail (futile removal requests to the list)'
1994\11\15@045013 by crocontroller discussion list

>> Please remove my name from the mailing list.
>>       Thanks.
>Me too. This list is far to productive. What about a news conference..?
>Roger (Sysop RaumaMBBS #1 +47 712 54774 (300-21600+HST))
>      (                #2 +47 712 56759 (300-9600 +HST))
>PolarNet: Roger Storvik@RBS --- Internet Email:

While I generally ignore administrative matters sent directly to the list
(negative reinforcement) I'd like to make a little clarification.

The only way to be removed from the pic list is to send a message to the
listserv address ( with the body text of:


You must send the email from the account from which you originally subscribed.

Please note that it is considered rude to post unsubscribe requests
directly to the list (this holds true for most mailing lists!). In addition
to being rude, it does not tend to get you unsubscribed from the list.

In the *unusual* circumstance that you genuinely need assistance getting
off the list (not just because you don't feel like dealing with a listserv)
you can send me email directly (, and we can discuss your
problems. I try to deal with real issues in a helpful manner.

In terms of going over to usenet (the contentful part of the quoted
post)... I am alway open to new ideas. Are people desirous of such a move?

Another possible solution I could see would be to split the group between
hardware and software (or some such thing).

To put things in perspective (mine that is):
I filter all the PIC list mail with Eudora into appropriate mailboxes... so
I don't yet have a problem with the volume (even my net access is
presently: TCP/IP via SLIP via TIA via Telnet via Dialup ;)

jory bell
pic list maintainer

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