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'win95 question [OT]'
1998\01\16@155424 by Matt Bonner

Rob Aerts wrote:
> my question is a little bit off topic (i gues)
> but maybe somebody can point me to the right location (list or newsgroup)
Try comp.lang.c++
But, be warned - they want only questions about ANSI c++, that is NO
COMPILER-DEPENDENT questions allowed.  Sorry about the yelling, but
that's nothing compared to what you'll get if you ask a question about
MS Visual C++ or Borland Builder, etc on that newsgroup.

Better yet, what compiler are you using?  The reason I ask is that
you'll most certainly get flamed on c.l.c++ asking comms-related
questions because comms is not part of the ANSI standard.  Let me know
your compiler and I can probably point you in the right direction
(especially if you're using Borland C++ Builder).


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