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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Jumping water...'
1995\06\26@155921 by CRSO.pic
'Waterworks List'
1995\06\27@112235 by Brian Lane

'water thermomiter'
1997\07\28@032712 by KORKMAZ SAiT ULAS
1997\07\28@092801 by Miller, Steve
1997\07\29@115408 by Bruce Cannon

'[OT] water soluble flux (was Oscillator, PIC16C54)'
1997\10\09@153941 by Dwayne Reid

'OT: Radio Transmission in Water'
1998\03\04@165945 by Andy Shaw
1998\03\04@173520 by SHAWN ELLIS
1998\03\04@174808 by Brian Schousek
1998\03\04@184833 by ogerio Odriozola
1998\03\04@204852 by Craig Lee
1998\03\04@212404 by Andrew Warren
1998\03\04@233144 by Mike Keitz
1998\03\05@073240 by Ray Gardiner
1998\03\05@093813 by Andy Shaw
1998\03\05@112053 by n/a
1998\03\05@115828 by Dennis Merrill
1998\03\05@121914 by SHAWN ELLIS
1998\03\05@122110 by Philip Starbuck
1998\03\05@183051 by William Chops Westfield
1998\03\05@183756 by Thomas.Schleusener
1998\03\06@083303 by Alessandro Zummo
1998\03\06@092744 by Ray Gardiner
1998\03\06@094329 by Jacques Audette
1998\03\06@125017 by Dennis Merrill
1998\03\06@190319 by Alessandro Zummo
1998\03\09@220142 by The Jacky's
1998\03\10@033537 by paulb
1998\03\10@105529 by Craig Lee
1998\03\10@152042 by mats
1998\03\10@163832 by Alessandro Zummo
1998\03\10@171718 by John Shreffler
1998\03\10@183443 by Ross McKenzie
1998\03\10@184447 by Herbert Graf
1998\03\12@113147 by Alessandro Zummo
1998\03\12@113151 by Alessandro Zummo
1998\03\30@190349 by William Rhoads
1998\03\30@190349 by William Rhoads
'[OT] 1.3 GHZ in water'
1998\03\31@205028 by Rob Roy

'[OT] Water injection (was: Question for physics pe'
1998\06\14@230738 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1998\06\14@234529 by Dennis Plunkett
'[OT] Re: Water injection'
1998\06\15@001119 by jnlrich
'[OT] Water injection (was: Question for physics pe'
1998\06\15@011117 by tjaart
1998\06\15@031701 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1998\06\15@085410 by Steve Baldwin
1998\06\15@212437 by Dave Miga
'[OT] Re: Water injection with one mention of PIC'
1998\06\15@212449 by Harold Hallikainen
'Water injection'
1998\06\15@213157 by Sean Breheny
1998\06\15@235855 by Dan Larson
1998\06\15@235904 by Dennis Plunkett
1998\06\15@235914 by Mike Hamilton
1998\06\16@002329 by David Lions
'Water injection (OT)'
1998\06\16@073104 by John Sanderson
'[OT] Re: transmissions (was: Water injection)'
1998\06\16@073131 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
'[OT] Re: Water injection with one mention of PIC'
1998\06\16@073146 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
'Water injection'
1998\06\16@093042 by paulb
'Torque Convertors was: Water injection (OT)'
1998\06\16@111133 by Ed Koffeman
'[OT] Re[2]: Water injection'
1998\06\16@130022 by Martin Green
'Water injection'
1998\06\16@140328 by Barry Cooper
'[OT] Re[2]: Water injection'
1998\06\16@141422 by Sean Breheny
'Re[2]: [OT] Re[2]: Water injection'
1998\06\16@144951 by Martin Green
'[OT] Water injection (was: Question for physics pe'
1998\06\16@172016 by Jay Shroff
1998\06\16@213829 by Kolesnikoff, Paul
1998\06\17@085047 by Thurman, Chuck
1998\06\17@085236 by Andy Kunz
'Re[2]: [OT] Water injection (was: Question for phy'
1998\06\17@110749 by Martin Green
1998\06\17@185247 by Dennis Plunkett
'[OT] Water injection and matchboxes'
1998\06\17@193511 by paulb
'[OT] Re[2]: Water injection and clutches'
1998\06\17@193520 by paulb
'[OT] Water injection (was: Question for physics pe'
1998\06\18@013755 by Graham, Peter

'Water Proof Speaker'
1998\07\14@114845 by Barry Baldwin
1998\07\14@122202 by Eric Belanger
1998\07\14@141819 by Alan King
1998\07\15@235413 by Russell McMahon

'LCD water tight bezels supplier'
1998\08\26@103358 by James Hutchison
1998\08\26@103817 by Harrison Cooper
1998\08\26@141745 by Calvin
1998\08\27@011318 by tjaart

'[OT] Re: Home Automation - Water Volume Measuremen'
1999\01\10@222220 by James Cameron
1999\01\10@224136 by Gerhard Fiedler
1999\01\10@230415 by James Cameron
1999\01\11@025417 by Gerhard Fiedler
1999\01\11@043803 by John
1999\01\11@095605 by WIL REEDER
1999\01\11@102021 by Morgan Olsson
1999\01\11@102028 by Morgan Olsson
1999\01\11@111339 by Peter L. Peres
1999\01\11@115826 by Alice Campbell
1999\01\11@180847 by Russell McMahon
'pipe organ method - water level'
1999\01\19@232438 by Tjaart van der Walt
1999\01\20@122137 by John Payson
1999\01\20@174105 by leo.perretti
1999\01\20@234108 by Tjaart van der Walt
1999\01\24@130113 by leo.perretti

'"Plant out of water project"'
1999\05\10@044830 by Benjamin Petersen
1999\05\10@055206 by Michael Rigby-Jones
1999\05\10@063809 by Henrik HolmgŒrd
1999\05\10@074111 by Seyler Jean-Yves
1999\05\10@100251 by Lawrence Lile
1999\05\10@113203 by John Mitchell
1999\05\10@153320 by Martin McCormick
1999\05\10@182931 by paulb
1999\05\11@023736 by : Cassie Carstens
1999\05\11@044550 by Brian Jones
'Re "Plant out of water project" new views'
1999\05\11@103907 by Steven Davidson
1999\05\11@134621 by Gabriel Gonzalez
'"Plant out of water project"'
1999\05\12@104259 by Lawrence Lile

'[OT] Sonar underwater'
1999\06\10@054439 by Peter Grey
1999\06\10@054846 by
1999\06\10@063111 by Nigel Orr
'[PICList] HELP, OTHER: Sonar underwater'
1999\06\10@140148 by Maris
'Water Rockets'
1999\06\27@142537 by Greg Hastings
1999\06\27@152507 by Dave Johnson
1999\06\27@172925 by Shaun Wilson
1999\06\27@183716 by Sean Breheny
1999\06\27@184316 by Sean Breheny
'[OT]Re: Water Rockets'
1999\06\27@202617 by Dave Johnson
'Water Rockets'
1999\06\27@215303 by Des Bromilow
'[OT]Re: Water Rockets'
1999\06\28@082734 by wwl
1999\06\28@095404 by David Olson
'Water Rockets'
1999\06\28@100818 by John Pfaff
1999\06\28@115915 by Tom Handley
1999\06\28@120750 by John Pfaff
'[OT] Re: Water Rockets - measuring altitude and ac'
1999\06\28@200049 by Russell McMahon
'Water Rockets'
1999\06\29@061644 by Mark Willis
1999\06\29@145507 by w. v. ooijen / f. hanneman
1999\06\29@172059 by Des Bromilow
1999\06\29@193148 by Brian Kraut
1999\06\29@204158 by l.allen

'Code for a user programmable water bath heater?'
1999\10\23@053043 by Mark Willis
1999\10\23@070443 by Jinx
1999\10\23@135629 by Mark Willis
1999\10\23@171858 by Agnes en Henk Tobbe
1999\10\23@174006 by Jinx
'[OT] Humidity sensors (Weird water !)'
1999\10\25@191027 by Darren Logan
1999\10\25@193356 by Tony Nixon
'[OT] Humidity sensors (Weird water !) (electroltic'
1999\10\25@210758 by Mark Willis
1999\10\26@014603 by w. v. ooijen / f. hanneman
1999\10\26@084739 by paulb
1999\10\26@122748 by Martin McCormick
1999\10\27@073446 by Robert A. LaBudde
1999\10\27@174225 by Martin McCormick

'[OT} Water level Sensor for PIC project'
2000\01\18@231354 by Alan Williamson
2000\01\19@102500 by jamesnewton
2000\01\19@170700 by p.cousens
2000\01\20@051931 by Craig Peacock

'Tesla [OT] & Waterwheels'
2000\05\17@130714 by Andrew Kunz
2000\05\17@132210 by Alice Campbell
2000\05\17@134225 by Andrew Kunz
2000\05\17@134434 by James Paul
2000\05\17@144327 by M. Adam Davis
'Underwater cameras'
2000\05\17@202708 by Brian Kraut
'Tesla [OT] & Waterwheels'
2000\05\17@205818 by Gennette, Bruce
2000\05\17@220218 by Graeme Zimmer
2000\05\17@223851 by Harold Hallikainen
'[OT] inertial guidance for an underwater PIC as a '
2000\05\18@033503 by McMeikan, Andrew
'Tesla [OT] & Waterwheels'
2000\05\18@034742 by Alan B Pearce
'[OT] inertial guidance for an underwater PIC as a '
2000\05\18@092313 by Bennett, Matt
'Tesla [OT] & Waterwheels'
2000\05\18@110021 by Mike Witherden
2000\05\18@111858 by David VanHorn
2000\05\18@112522 by David VanHorn
'[OT] inertial guidance for an underwater PIC as a '
2000\05\18@170048 by Tony Nixon
2000\05\18@180940 by Jon Hylands
'Underwater cameras'
2000\05\18@221258 by Lou
'Tesla [OT] & Waterwheels'
2000\05\19@002835 by Javier Grijalba
2000\05\20@083915 by Russell McMahon

'[OT]: Underwater Pressure Switch Wanted'
2000\06\05@023744 by Tim Shaw
2000\06\05@075114 by Andrew Kunz
2000\06\05@120117 by Tim Shaw
'[OT] Waterproof connectors'
2000\06\07@214303 by Samuel Winchenbach
2000\06\07@221850 by Dean Biddle
2000\06\07@222353 by l.allen
2000\06\08@071928 by Samuel Winchenbach
'[[OT] Waterproof connectors]'
2000\06\08@090656 by Hardware Engineering
2000\06\08@104822 by Kris Wilk
2000\06\08@122129 by Kris Wilk
2000\06\08@162207 by l.allen
2000\06\08@164451 by James Paul
2000\06\08@164453 by James Paul
2000\06\09@054958 by Peter L. Peres
2000\06\09@065336 by Andrew Hooper
2000\06\11@151059 by Brian Kraut
2000\06\16@110907 by Brian Kraut

'[EE]: Help water level'
2000\10\16@065222 by Andy Shaw
2000\10\16@070300 by Alan B. Pearce
2000\10\16@070306 by John Perkinton
2000\10\16@074242 by Andy Shaw
2000\10\16@085637 by Alan B. Pearce
2000\10\16@101257 by John Walshe
2000\10\16@104300 by M. Adam Davis
2000\10\16@104649 by Arthur Brown
2000\10\16@111110 by Andrew Kunz
2000\10\16@132231 by Andy Shaw
2000\10\16@132238 by Andy Shaw
2000\10\16@134118 by Andrew Kunz
2000\10\16@141027 by Dale Botkin
2000\10\16@145120 by M. Adam Davis
2000\10\16@145332 by Bob Ammerman
2000\10\16@151002 by M. Adam Davis
2000\10\16@155704 by reroy

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