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'using Maxim 12-bit a/d with PICS -Reply -Reply'
1996\10\03@131237 by Mark Jurras

Hi Peter,

I just faxed you ADVSPI.ASM let me know if you don't receive it.

- -Mark

>>> "Peter L. Taylor" <spam_OUTpetertTakeThisOuTspamTRANSERA.COM> 3 October 1996  9:48 am >>>
-- [ From: Peter L. Taylor * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

> If you are using a Microchip part that has no SPI port built in you can
> three port pins and toggle them yourself. I don't know if Microchip put
> seminar example files on the BBS or WEB but look for ADVSPI.ASM sample
code to
> see a do it your self example.

I didn't get to the Microchip Seminar, and just looked on Microchip's BBS
and didn't find ADVSPI.ASM.  If someone has a copy could you please e-mail
it to me?

I've got to interface to a 4Mbit Serial Flash and this .asm file looks like
it might save me from re-inventing the wheel.
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